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for Balding / Hair Loss / Thinning / Alopaecia

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HAIR LOSS, THINNING & BALDING? Would you feel happier or more confident if you could stop your hair loss and improve your hair growth?




laser-hair-restorationThe effective treatment Laser for Hair Loss  uses “low level laser therapy” and could be your non invasive solution to Hair Loss and Balding with no side effects.

LIFE CHANGER! This advanced laser has been  designed to STOP hair loss whilst helping to stimulate hair re-growth. Thousands of men and women both here in the UK and  in the USA have benefited thanks to this innovative treatment.

Have you lost confidence due to hair loss and balding?

Then this exciting new method could be the answer you are looking for. Halo EliteTM Laser Hair Therapy could stop your hair loss and boost your hair growth.

“Low Level Laser Therapy” is a non-drug/ non-medication treatment that is FDA approved and has shown to increase and improve cellular metabolism and function and aids to stop hair loss and cause visible regrowth ”

Low Level Laser therapy proved to stop hair loss and cause improved regrowth for men and women. In the clinical trials* on thinning hair caused by Androgenetic Alopecia or male and female pattern baldness. *please note that  the FDA clinical trials were NOT specific to Halo elite tm device.

• Over 95% see significant improvement
• women and men have stabilisation of hair loss
•  women have improved hair quality and regrowth in the vertex area
•  men have improved hair quality and regrowth in the frontal and vortex areas
• Increased hair density as well as improved thickness
• A non-Invasive treatment that is safe with No Side Effects –  comfortable and sensation FREE
• Aids growth in newly transplanted hair and helps the healing process

How your hair grows, Follicular Miniaturisation and Why We Lose Our Hair?

In brief, hair growth relies on a constant cellular division within the dermal matrix of the hair follicle and when this is interrupted hair loss occurs.
In males, hair grows as thick and strong as it will ever be up until the age of puberty. At this age testosterone levels in the body dramatically increase.
Our bodies convert some testosterone into Dihydratestosterone – more commonly known as DHT, which is vital in the production of sperm and normal sexual function. Women also produce more testosterone at certain times throughout their lives.

Excess DHT can affect hair growth because it interupts cell function and cell division within the bulb of the hair follicle. This leads  to a reduction in cell division and a reduction therefore in the number of  cells which would harden or  keratinise in the hair follicle to become hair.   Other than the male prostate DHT receptors are located in just one other place in both men and women, and that is dermal papillae at the base of the follicles on the head from the temple to the crown. Excess DHT may bind to the DHT receptors found in the scalp. This draws energy away from and interferes with the normal cellular division within the hair follicle.

Hair Follicles

When this happens the hair growth cycle is disrupted with a decrease in the number of keratinised cells that are produced. As there are less keratinised cells the hair produced becomes thinner, shorter and weaker with every growth cycle until eventually the hair follicle makes a permanent shift into the resting phase meaning that no more hair is produced. This process is called “Follicular Miniaturisation” and leads to what is commonly known as male and female “pattern hair loss”.

Thankfully, the majority of these miniaturised follicles do not die and cell functions can be revived using various methods including laser hair restoration therapy.

How the Halo EliteTM Works

Before and After Laser Hair treatment






Photo-Medicine or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used for more than 40 years worldwide. LLLT has been clinically proven to enhance cellular metabolism, division and repair and is accepted in the medical profession as an effective treatment for sports, muscle and joint injuries, back pain, diabetic ulcers and wound healing. Many Professional sports teams use LLLT as part of their rehabilitation programs.

During Treatment

Tissue that surrounds hair follicles (dermal papillae) is penetrated by laser energy, this kick starts a process that stops hair loss almost immediately, reversing follicular miniaturisation and stimulating hair re-growth.

This works by increased energy transfer (ADP to ATP) for renewed cell division, increased cell metabolism and improved nutrient and blood supply to the scalp. These combined effects, result in the reversal of follicular miniaturisation, boosting the production of keratinised cells and therefore increasing the growth of stronger, thicker and healthier hair. Halo EliteTM is the worlds most effective hair loss laser and is the only device on the market that utilises the exact optimal FDA approved, therapeutic dose evenly over the entire scalp, reaching and stimulating every follicle with the same exact parameters at every treatment. This is due to the unique placement of 171 ruby laser diodes that use advanced ‘gaussian beam’ technology to deliver FULL even head coverage. This coupled with the only cooling system of its kind, allows the laser to penetrate your follicles in comfort, giving the results in just 12½ minutes per session.

Dr Michael Markou is the clinical director for the US manufacturer of the Halo EliteTM – An expert and leader in the field, he is responsible for the scientific development of LLLT for hair restoration which led to the FDA trials in 2007 for the process.

Your treatment couldn’t be easier. Simply sit back, relax, and let the laser do its work.

Is Halo EliteTM the right treatment for me






If you suffer from balding or hair loss the chances are the this treatment will be able to help you. As found in every type of all hair loss treatment, treating it early is best and will yield the best results, providing your hair follicles are still active and have not died then the Halo EliteTM could help. The level of hair improvement you could possibly expect will be discussed at your FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.

Treatment is more effective for those in the earliest stages of hair loss, as opposed to advanced stage baldness. Acting sooner will significantly affect your results. A scope examination of your scalp,using a powerful digital microscope will show your “active” follicles. This will also detect and digitally record your progress throughout your treatment and enable a realistic prediction of your results from the outset.

How do other hair loss treatments compare?

There are currently many options and methods available on the market for combating hair loss such as tablets, creams, lotions, and surgical transplants.Currently,many of these have not yet  been proven in clinical trials to regenerate hair follicles.

Many other drug based treatments that are mainly based on the prostate cancer drug Fenesteride, can be often associated with harmful side effects such as depression, lethargy, impotence, decreased sperm count and infertility and in the main,not suitable for use by women, whilst transplant surgery can be painful, invasive, extremely expensive and often requires multiple procedures.