Lip Fillers in Liverpool

Lip Fillers in Liverpool  Lip fillers in Liverpool is now available for our clients at Epilight. You know Epilight has technique, technology and talent to keep our clients looking their best using the most innovative treatments available today. Lip fillers can eliminate the lip thinning, wrinkling and dryness that is associated with ageing lips. Look at a child’s lips. Yours likely looked like that once. So what happened to that perfect pout? As we age our skin tissues lose volume through the depletion of a natural ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It’s found in our skin and tissues and holds water that gives our skin the moist plump look of youth. At Epilight we replace the lost HA so your tissues again retain many times their weight in water giving back your luminous lips.

 Injecting lip fillers is a fairly quick process although you may need several treatments. In Liverpool, the lip fillers we use are natural and safe when administered by an experienced medical technician. At  Epilight our expert medical technician will use an award-winning lip filler brand with proven results. Lip fillers are not painful and we have experienced long lasting results. She knows the science behind the treatment and can restore natural balance. You know achieving your personal natural balance is important. We have all seen women, after receiving lip filler treatments elsewhere, whose lips are so plump as to be out of balance with the rest of their face.  You want the right product and the right medical practitioner. Both can be found at Epilight.

 If you have never visited us at Epilight, please stop by and inquire about our lip filler treatment. Relax in our beautiful salon and learn about the many treatments we offer to regain smooth clear youthful skin. The lip fillers we use offer quick results. However planning the procedure takes a little longer since the symmetry of your face has to balance after treatment. We are very big on pre planning to insure the best results. Contact Epilight for more information about our lip fillers. We use fillers for plumping dry wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead and chin line to restore your overall youthful look.

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