Tattoo Removal in Cheshire

Tattoo Removal in CheshireTattoo removal in Cheshire is something many of us need. Partners change and one does not want to go through life with a name on your body that no longer means anything to you. We all have impulses as teenagers or young adults and often do not stop to think of the consequences. There are careers that will exclude you for having a tattoo. Luckily with our new high power “cool chilled” lasers we can pass a very short pulse of high power light through the skin to shatter the ink particles. The skin where the tattoo was may take on a frosted look and the area may become red or swollen like a mild case of sunburn. This will clear after a few days and blistering may also occur but this too will clear in a short while. Keep the treatment area clean and dry and it will heal beautifully.

When  you impulsively have had your skin inked in Cheshire, tattoo removal is easy with our special treatment. A treatment will last from 5 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the size and colour of the tattoo. There can be some discomfort and many describe the sensation as similar to being snapped by an elastic band. Certain areas are obviously more sensitive than others and these include the ankle and shoulder blades. As the treatment progresses the discomfort lessens.

Tattoo removal in Cheshire is a lot less painful than having the tattoo. If you would to arrange to arrange for an appointment to have your unwanted tattoo removed, contact Epilight today. No single laser can remove all the different colours and types of tattoo ink. We have a range of different lasers that allow us to remove all colours. The laser will break down the ink particles in tiny pieces which the body will dispose of naturally. It could take a few treatments to completely remove the tattoo. This depends on the concentration of ink and the skin type. You will feel a lot better knowing that a mistake can be reversed.

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