Non-Surgical Treatment for Eye Lid Tightening, Lifting & Removal of Eye-bags, Smokers Lines, Acne, Scars, Stretch Marks and much more…


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    Eyelid tightening liverpoolMedical Plasma gives you a non-surgical option to treat a wide range of skin conditions, below are just some of the things this amazing treatment can be used for:

    • Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty (eyelid tightening & lifting)
    • Lower Eyelids / Eyebags
    • Smokers Lines Removal
    • Face lifting & Excess Skin
    • Acne Treatment
    • Correction of Scars
    • Removal of Stretch Marks
    • Removal of Benign Skin Growths, moles, verrucae, keloids and xanthelasmata (fat deposits near eyelids)
    • Belly Button Lifting

    Medical Plasma gives a more natural result for both men & women with no tell tale scars or broken capillaries – No One Need Know!

    New 3rd Generation Plasma Technology – The most advanced in the world!

    At Epilight New Skin Clinic, we were the first clinic in Liverpool to offer this type of treatment and have treated 1000’s of patients since 2016.

    This wealth of experience from treating patients and our philosophy of always bringing you the most cutting edge, up to date technology and treatments has lead us to search out the very best plasma technology the industry has to offer in 2018.

    Introducing our NEW 3rd Generation Plasma Treatment

    Since 2016, advances in Plasma technology have come on in leaps and bounds in not only delivering better, more effective treatment but also minimising any risk, side effects and healing times.

    Our new Plasma treatment can now be fully customised to YOU, YOUR needs and YOUR skin type. Before now, using old plasma technology, each person was treated with the same device setting, whether they had thick skin, thin skin, were a mild or sever case, were being treated for eyelids, wrinkles, skin tags or scars. Not Anymore!

    Our plasma treatments can now be fully tailored, bespoke to your individual needs. We can now specify the amount of power delivered, the length of the plasma pulse and the delivery depth of the treatment resulting in not only the most effective treatment with the best results but also the SAFEST TREATMENT for you!

    • Wrinkles and Fine Line treatments in Wallasey
    • Plasma eyelid tightening
    • Plasma Eyelid tightening
    • Plasma Eyelid tightening
    • Plasma Eyelid Tightening

    What does this new technology mean for me?

    Plasma treatment using old technology, in some cases, has been known to cause swelling, redness, hyper-pigmentation and could take up to 2 weeks to heal and recover from.

    Thanks to our new, latest technology, we can offer Plasma treatment that minimises any chances of side effects and speeds up the healing process meaning that patients are generally fully healed in just 3-4 days. Whilst also delivering the best results for YOU.

    How Our New Tailored Plasma Treatment Works

    What is Medical Plasma Treatment?

    Medical Plasma also known as soft surgery is now recognised by thousands of surgeons around the world as the preferred method for the removal of loose or lax skin on the eyelids, medically known as Blepharoplasty.

    Medical Plasma is a fast and simple, no fuss treatment that takes around 30 minutes and gives predictable and dramatic results without knives, needles blood or anaesthetic.

    Medical Plasma Soft Surgery

    Medical Plasma Soft surgery now delivers measurable dramatic improvement with minimal risk of scarring or down time and typically healing is extremely fast and uncomplicated.

    Is Medical Plasma Safe?

    Medical Plasma is a very safe procedure and is used worldwide in over 3000 medical facilities.

    With minimal risks, side effects and much faster healing compared with invasive surgical procedures, with no cutting through muscle or tissues, with no blood, and no stitches. Medical Plasma gives instant improvement and predictable results.

    Less Than Half the Cost of Traditional Surgery

    You are unique and so is your Medical Plasma treatment. Your treatment is bespoke and designed for your needs. No two procedures are exactly the same. The treatment is delivered expertly and artistically to create your best preferred result.

    Is Medical Plasma treatment right for me? Baggy Eyelids?

    If you suffer from loose skin in your upper/lower eyelids that gives you a “tired” look, may even impact on your vision and you are seeking a non-surgical solution to tighten your skin, then the Medical Plasma could be your answer. Furthermore, Medical Plasma can be used for face and body lifting, acne treatment, scar correction, tattoo removal, belly button stretch marks, removal of benign skin growths and lesions, etc.

    Your Consultation

    All patients are advised to have a face-to-face consultation before making an appointment to undergo this procedure. During the consultation we will analyse your tissues and explain the range of treatment options available.

    *results may vary from person to person

    Medical Plasma Before & After

    Full Orbital Area Treatment including Upper & Lower Eyelid Tightening & Eye-bag Removal

    Upper Eyelid Tightening & Excess Skin Removal

    Plasma eyelid tightening

    Upper Eyelid Tightening & Excess Skin Removal

    Plasma Eyelid tightening

    Full Orbital Area Treatment including Upper & Lower Eyelid Tightening & Eye-bag Removal

    Plasma Eyelid tightening

    Fine Lines & Crows Feet Treatment

    Plasma Eyelid Tightening

    *results may vary from person to person

    What Medical Plasma Patients Say…

    Testimonial image 1“I used to have a really bad problem with my eyelids. They were very wrinkly. Then it was recommended I should have traditional surgery. This was no good for me because I didn’t want to have my face cut and it made me feel nervous. Then I discovered Soft Surgery. It’s amazing, it’s painless and the recovery time is fast. It’s changed my life. It’s perfect.”

    LAURA LEROY, 38 years, Cabin Crew

    Medical Plasma Review“I was self-conscious and depressed about my wrinkles and expression lines. I basically stopped going out to socialise. One day, my best friend told me about Soft Surgery rejuvenation treatment and my first thought was: “That’s impossible!” It wasn’t. Now I have never felt more free to be myself and I feel younger. I can go out confidently knowing my fine lines have disappeared! It’s amazing how simple, quick, painless and effective this treatment is! Soft Surgery is life changing.”

    VANESSA SIMON, 46 years, Hotel Manager

    *results may vary from person to person

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    How Does the Medical Plasma Work?

    This innovative technology utilises plasma - formed through ionisation of atmospheric gasses - to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres. This technology does not use scalpel or laser to remove excess skin. This procedure avoids many of the risks associated with traditional intervention, providing a quick and easy recovery. The treatment is performed without cutting or need of stitches. The tissues are instantly tightened by changing from a solid to a gas i.e. the plasma energy literally vaporises the excess skin or unwanted lesion with the tightening results being instantly visible as if by magic during treatment.

    How is the Medical Plasma Treatment Performed?

    The treatment is performed through dots made with the Medical Plasma device, at 500 microns apart, to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres. Each of these dots sublimates (which means to change a substance from a solid into a gas) the superficial skin cells without affecting the important deeper layer known as the basal lamina, without causing bleeding and more importantly without damaging surrounding tissue. See your baggy eyelids immediately smoothed for a more open wide eyed look.

    What Happens During Your Medical Plasma Treatment?

    A standard session lasts 20 - 30 minutes depending on the area(s). Patients are required to attend the appointment 30 minutes prior to the actual treatment to have topical numbing cream applied to the area to be treated, to minimise the risk of discomfort during the procedure.

    What Happens After Your Medical Plasma Treatment?

    Immediately after the treatment, the treated area(s) will be quite red and tender. Patients may experience some swelling and mild discomfort in the treated area following their treatment and this may last around 3 days. At the site of each dot of treatment a carbon crust immediately forms. These crusts should not be touched for 5-7 days except to camouflage them with oxygenating post-procedure foundation. We recommend Oxygenetix for this purpose.

    What can I expect to see after my first treatment?

    Most people see significant improvement after the first treatment, although this gradually improves over the course of the following 2-4 weeks. Some patients may opt for more than one treatment and this is subject to your personal expectation.

    How long will the effect of the treatment last?

    The treatment stimulates instant shortening of skin fibres and this process continues to take effect in the first 2-4 weeks. The effect of the treatment is subject to the number of treatments, your lifestyle and ageing process and typically lasts for the same amount of time as traditional surgery such as surgical blepharoplasty. You will age as you would otherwise and your skin will continue to relax as part of the ageing process.

    Medical Plasma Eyelid Tightening & Eyebag Removal Package Prices

    Upper Eyelids inc. Crows Feet (1 Session) – £599
    Upper Eyelids inc. Crows Feet (2 Sessions) – £999
    Lower Eyelids inc. Eyebags (1 Session) – £599
    Lower Eyelids inc. Eyebags (2 Sessions) – £999
    Upper & Lower Full Package including crows feet and eye bags (1 Session) – £999
    Upper & Lower Full Package including crows feet and eye bags (2 Sessions) – £1499

    Belly Button Lift – £499
    Peri-Oral Lines / Smokers Lines – £499
    Wart / Verruca / Skin Tag Removal – £149


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