Pico Laser Tattoo Removal – The World’s Most Powerful Yet Safe and Effective for Black, Grey & ALL Coloured Inks for Men & Women in Liverpool

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    At Epilight New Skin Clinic we have invested in what is regarded as the industry gold standard medical laser for tattoo removal with “more focused energy, less skin damage and quicker healing times”.


    The World’s Most Powerful, Fastest & Safest Laser tattoo Removal for all skin types & coloured inks, even removes ghosting & pigment.

    Discovery PICO laser tattoo removal can safely treat ALL tattoo colours & pigment on ALL skin types. Effective, fast results and safer for your skin. The most powerful tattoo removal system in the world yet the most gentle on your skin, thanks to its delivery of PICOSECOND (trillionth of a second pulse) energy.

    Don’t risk your skin with anyone else! If we can’t remove it safely for you with DISCOVERY PICO, then no one can.

    Not all tattoo removal lasers are equal and successful tattoo removal is highly dependent on the quality of the laser device used and the skill of the practitioner providing treatment. We have invested in state of the art PICO tattoo removal laser technology that is unrivalled in the industry and we have over 15 years experience with tattoo removal, so with us you can be sure you will receive the very best treatment, care and the best value for your money.

    Laser tattoo removal pico

    Images may represent tattoo removal mid treatment course. Full treatment course and results may yet to be completed.

    Gone In Around 6 Months!

    Come just once every 4-6 weeks for the fastest, most effective tattoo removal treatment, typically just 6 treatments on average depending on colour of the tattoo.

    No other tattoo removal laser device removes more tattoo colours safely than Discovery PICO.


    Discovery PICO is gentle on the skin but like a sledge hammer to tattoo ink particles, effectively pulverizing the ink into dust, which is then safely removed by your bodies own immune system. Even ghosting is treated.

    Discovery PICO uses new PICOSECOND technology meaning the laser pulses at speeds of 1 trillionth of a second (a picosecond).

    This means the laser spends very little time on the skin allowing more power to be delivered safely to the tattoo ink particles. Other tattoo removal lasers pulse approx 1000x slower and spend longer on the skin, massively increasing the risks of skin damage. Blisters, pigment problems and scarring are common side effects with other types of laser tattoo removal. Other methods create more skin trauma with less results.

    Save Your Skin With Discovery PICO Laser Technology

    It’s all about saving your skin! If you are concerned about potential skin damage associated with older, less advanced laser tattoo removal methods then Discovery PICO at Epilight New Skin is the only way to go!

    The Faster The Pulses, The Better For Your Skin. PICO Laser technology massively reduces the risk of injury to the skin including reduced risk of burning, blisters or scarring and is considered the safest method of tattoo removal in the world.

    Only the best will do, so preserve your skin with the newest, fastest, safest and most effective tattoo removal laser on the market.

    laser tattoo removal in Liverpool

    Images may represent tattoo removal mid treatment course. Full treatment course and results may yet to be completed.

    No More Ghosting

    Unlike other tattoo removal lasers, PICO reduces risk of ghostly outlines or lightened, pale skin where your tattoo used to be. Pico Laser can also be used to treat Pigmented Lesions, Melasma, Chlosama and other skin discolourations, actualy curing these conditions. WE CAN EVEN REMOVE GHOSTING LEFT BY PREVIOUS TREATMENTS.

    How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

    Ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove naturally. By passing a very short pulse of high power laser light through the skin, the tattoo ink is shattered and broken into smaller particles, which the body can then dispose of.

    The New Gold Standard PICO Discovery Tattoo Removal Laser

    The removal of a multicoloured tattoos require the use of different laser wavelengths to remove each colour. Discovery PICO is the first device in the world to apply PICOSECOND technology and also deliver all 3 wavelengths needed to treat all tattoo inks.

    Images may represent tattoo removal mid treatment course. Full treatment course and results may yet to be completed.

    Why choose Pico Discovery tattoo removal?

    • Proven and tested clinical results for all treatable tattoo colours, including reds, greens and blues using 3 wavelengths, 1064nd yag, 532 nd yag, 695 ruby.
    • Patented OPTIBEAM technology delivering even energy distribution over the treatment area resulting in safer treatment, less skin trauma, quicker healing times and easier, more precise application; reducing treatment times by up to 30%.
    • Quicker Healing, Minimal Downtime, Shorter Treatments & Shorter Treatment Intervals, Remove Your Tattoo In Just 6 Months
    • Now available in Liverpool & the surrounding area

    *results may vary from person to person

    Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

    Why is the new high power laser better?

    Our new Q Switch module operates with a significantly higher power output than the majority of other medical laser devices. Delivering double the amount of energy by way of multiple pulses.

    Unlike lasers that operate from single pulse devices, the Q Switch module achieves high peak power along with a maximum spot size, providing deep penetration for fast, safe and effective tattoo removal.

    • Safer and more accurate treatment
    • Minimal downtime
    • Fast, efficient removal

    How does laser tattoo removal work?

    A very short pulse of high power laser light is passed through the skin to shatter the tattoo ink particles.

    As tattoo ink particles are too big for the body’s immune system to break down, the laser breaks them into smaller particles – the body is then able to remove these particles and dispose of them naturally.

    How many treatments are required to remove a tattoo?

    It depends on what you want - just to lighten your tattoo for a cover up or to have the tattoo removed completely.

    The number of treatments depends on many factors. The ink used, the colour, depth, how old it is and the number of layers of ink which have been tattooed. Most amateur and professional tattoos require a minimum of 3 or 4 treatments but may take more. Everyone reacts to treatment differently so it's not possible to give an exact estimate of treatments needed.

    What are the costs likely to be?

    The cost of each treatment session is entirely dependent on the size as well as the colour of your tattoo.

    The total cost of pico tattoo removal is determined by the number of treatments that you would require – this number various considerably from patient to patient.

    Prices start from £50 per session. Discounts apply for courses of treatment.

    Do all tattoos respond to treatment?

    In most cases, we are able to remove all or most of the tattoo.

    No one laser can remove all types and colours of tattoo ink – which is why we use different types of lasers. Results can vary, especially on red and green inks which may take more treatments and a higher energy laser.

    How long does it take and does it hurt?

    A typical treatment session will last between 5 – 40 minutes, this is entirely dependent on the size of the tattoo.

    Lasers do cause slight discomfort during the treatment – some patients have described this feeling as similar to being ‘snapped’ with a rubber band, while some patients liken the sensation to the pain of getting a tattoo.

    Certain areas are more sensitive than others, these areas include the ankles and the shoulder blades. As the treatment progresses and the tattoo ink fades, the discomfort felt during treatment also reduces.

    Thanks to our special cool chilled lasers, treatment is not too uncomfortable.

    Are there any after-effects following treatment?

    Immediately post treatment, the tattoo will look frosted or white, there may also be redness and swelling around the treated area.

    This redness is quite similar to the sensation of sunburn and will settle after a few days. It is also quite normal to blister following this treatment, but this does not indicate potential scarring. Blistering will not need treatment, and it will generally harden and clear within a few days. Sometimes pin prick bleeding and scabbing may occur.

    You should not expose the treated area to any strong sunlight between your sessions without use of a sunblock (SPF 30–50 is recommended). The treatment area should be kept clean and dry.

    Does the treatment scar?

    At Epilight New Skin Clinics we use Q-Switched lasers which deliver high power energy to break up the tattoo pigment ink particles with a very short pulse duration (billionths of a second!).

    This means that the very high energy shatters the ink but is only on the skin for a very short time, there is generally no lasting damage to the skin. Occasionally, changes in skin texture or colour may occur. Hyper pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation may occur in some cases and this usually returns to normal in time. However in some rare cases, this could be permanent.

    Will the skin be normal when the treatment is finished?

    The energy from the lasers is absorbed by the skin pigment as well as tattoo ink. Patients with darker skin may notice that there is some lightening of the skin (depigmentation). This can return to normal in 6-12 months.

    At Epilight New Skin Clinics, we generally limit treatment for darker skinned patients to the NdYAG laser, as the there is a lower risk of pigment change. Those patients who have a history of keloid scarring may not be suitable for treatment.

    *results may vary from person to person

    “Currently mid-treatment for tattoo removal, results so far are excellent and today I was particularly pleased with the care and treatment. I will recommend to my friends.” – Sarah

    Massive shout out to the lovely girls at epilight ….I’m having laser hair and tattoo removal and just loving the results….would highly recommend the treatments and the staff are just so friendly…amazing clinic xx – Helen

    *results may vary from person to person

    Please call 0151 709 0099 or email us a picture of your tattoo for a quote.

    For a Limited Time! All our packages include 4 sessions for the price of 3, SAVING 25%!

    The total cost of tattoo removal is determined by the number of treatments that you would require and size of your tattoo –


      Enter Your Name, Email Address and Phone Number Above, then click the purple button and a member of staff will be in touch ASAP!
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