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Non-Surgical Lifting Technique for Your Full Face, Restoring Your natural, Youthful Beauty

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    Lift tighten and restore your more youthful facial features

    Take advantage of this amazing treatment and get instant visible and smoothing effects today!

    Fillers LiverpoolThe perfect volume replacement treatment uses the same ingredient that your skin has lost, natural hyaluronic acid, which is botanically grown and completely safe. This treatment can also complement or be  combined with other treatments such as Laser skin treatments, ULTHERAPY, muscle inhibiting wrinkle treatments, PLATELET RICH PLASMA facial/skin regeneration therapies or MESO-THERAPY.

    THE NEW 3D VECTOR LIFT is a masterclass technique that addresses lost volume, support and facial contours in the upper mid and lower face for a holistic natural balanced approach based on symmetry and the golden ratio of beauty.

    Replacing lost volume, especially in the mid-face area helps restore a more youthful triangle of beauty and delivers an instant visible lift and smoothing!


    A youthful face is characterised by a balanced distribution of superficial and deep fat tissue supporting the dermis and keeping the skin smooth.

    As we age, the effects of atrophy and loss of facial fullness, loss of deep fat tissue, decreased tissue elasticity and gravity begin to change the way our facial features “sit”.

    The gradual loss of underlying soft tissue support and fullness is responsible for the soft tissue sagging and excess of facial skin associated with ageing.

    New 3in1 Lip Fillers

    Natural plump hydrated smooth lips or your money back!!

    The only way to get truly soft and defined, feminine lips that last and stay looking just beautiful is to use the our latest Belotero 2 step lip definition treatment, combining 2 products for best results.

    The first defines your borders, filtrum and Cupid’s bow for a more cohesive, fine, sharp & precise border that’s natural looking. Fine lines above the lip (smokers lines) are also smoothed at the same time. The second lip product is used to plump, shape and smooth the body of the the lips giving unrivalled resulst compared to traditional 1 step lip filler procedures. Find Out More Today!

    3D Vector Lift

    Our brand new 3D Vector Lift treats from the foundation to the dermis to help combat these signs of aging.

    Using a combination of 5 products, we offer 3 levels of 3D lifting and volume restoration for the face. Restoring your natural, younger and fresher facial features, recreated artistically by our expert nurse with over 12 years continuous experience

    The special art of administering fillers focus on recreating balance, symmetry and restoring your natural, youthful facial V (as seen below).

    451295511 [aging process triangle]

    The V effect is the best solution to restoring a more youthful look. Instead of treating individual wrinkles and folds, the face requires re-volumisation and re-hydration in order to lift the face back outwards closer to its natural position and to smooth and firm your skin and features.

    When your face has regained its more youthful looking smooth ‘V’ shape, any lines, shadows, sagging and hollows naturally reduce and become less visible.

    Your skin will be glowing and luminous and you will look lifted, rejuvenated, fresh and natural.

    The 3 Key Areas to Recreating Your Natural V

    Upper Face
    Eyes and brows and wrinkles lifted and smoothed with a muscle relaxant treatment for lines and wrinkles.

    V lift womenMid Face

    Re-Volumisation, Re-hydration and improvement of facial symmetry.
    Cheeks plumped and lifted, tear trough & orbital rim softened.
    Nose – Naso-labial folds supported, lifted and improved.

    Lower Face

    Marionette lines supported and smoothed.
    Corners of mouth lifted to give positive smile.

    *results may vary from person to person

    Non-surgical Facelift Liverpool

    Are you looking for non-surgical facelift Liverpool treatment ? Do you want to improve regain you natural, more youthful beauty? Here at Epilight New Skin Clinic in Liverpool, we are the experts and offer a wide range of specially designed treatments that lift, tighten and restore your natural beauty, with instant visible and smoothing effects!

    Dermal Fillers

    Would you like to smooth away troublesome nasolabial folds, wrinkles and frown lines? Dermal fillers are just one of the many medical aesthetic facial treatments that we offer at Epilight New Skin Clinic. Giving you back natural, youthful looks, dermal fillers can improve the way you look and feel by naturally adjusting the volume of your features to give you back facial symmetry and your youthful “v” whilst also replacing lost HA which is an ingredient produced naturally when we are younger but reduces as we age. HA helps hydrate the skin and improve skin elasticity

    Wrinkle Relaxant Treatment

    If you are looking for wrinkle relaxant treatment, here at Epilight New Skin Clinic our highly skilled registered nurse with over 10 years experience in the aesthetic industry uses only the latest masterclass techniques to give you a younger, fresher look by eradicating fine lines, folds and wrinkles as well as frown lines and crows feet; giving a natural balance to the face and lifting the eyebrows.

    The Art of Dermal Fillers & Why We Need Them

    *results may vary from person to person

    Before and After Pictures

    Vector B&A

    *results may vary from person to person

    “I was pleasantly surprised at how such a small and subtle change could make such a huge difference. I looked younger, fitter and much more symmetrical straightaway.” – Scouse Bird problems

    “I was very happy and impressed with the service. All the staff were lovely and friendly. We were dealt with in a very professional manner. Thank you!”- Louise from Edinburgh

    Everything was fabulous! we arrived very apprehensive as we are newbies at these types of treatments. I don’t think it could have been made a more positive experience. Now planning my next visit and treatments – All the way from Edinburugh.” – Lesley

    *results may vary from person to person

    Anti-Wrinkle & Dermal Filler Packages

    Lip Plumping and Shaping from just £299

    Wrinkle Relaxant / Anti-wrinkle Injections from Just £99 per area – 3 area price £267 – You Save Over £30!

    3D Vector Lift Dermal Filler Package from just £849 (up to 3ml of product).

    You Save up to £350. This Package includes:-

    Re-volumisation of cheeks – Normal price £399

    Plump & Lift of Mid Face and improvement of facial symmetry – Normal Price £399

    Fill & Smoothing of Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds – Normal Price £399


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