Acne Scar Treatment in Leeds

Acne Scar Treatment in LeedsAcne scar treatment in Leeds can help you put this trying time behind you once and for all. For some, acne does not stop with a few outbreaks during adolescence. Living and facing the world each day with a face, back and chest ravaged by acne leave internal scars as well as external ones. You don’t have to do that anymore. Treatment is available at Epilight that will diminish those remaining deep scars. From this time on, you can put your best face forward with confidence and put those bad memories behind you. We like to be first with new medical technology for cosmetic use. So it wasn’t surprising that in 2016  we were the first in Liverpool to offer this new treatment. Since then, we’ve successfully treated thousands with this marvellous plasma technology.

We like to keep our ear to the ground for word of new advances for our clients and we are now using the very latest 3rd Generation Plasma Treatment. For our patients in Leeds, acne scar treatment using plasma is more effective than ever. Our latest plasma treatment, unlike the old, can be customised to the individual skin type and severity of scarring. We have full control over the strength, duration, and depth of the treatment. This same treatment is used to treat other facial skin conditions as well. It’s safe, non-invasive and healing takes place within three or four days. In the medical profession, Plasma treatment is referred to as soft surgery. Skin and tissue are altered as in surgery but there is no incision, bleeding or scarring.

Acne scar treatment in Leeds takes about 30 minutes to pre-treat your skin with numbing cream so you are not uncomfortable. Then, the treatment itself takes about 30 minutes. The treatment utilises plasma formed by ionisation of atmospheric gasses and is administered using the Medical Plasma device to stimulate the contraction of skin fibres. Contact Epilight and schedule your free personal consultation to learn more about our acne scar treatment and what you can expect from your Medical Plasma treatment. It’s like your own personal

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