Acne Scar Treatment in Manchester

Acne Scar Treatment in ManchesterRegardless of age, acne scar treatment in Manchester is available and successful at Epilight. Scars from mild to moderate acne may fade after a year or so but often, scarring from severe acne does not. Acne scars may appear as a slight gradual depression but others may be deep. The nightmare of severe acne for teens and young adults is compounded by scarring that remains throughout adult life. The lack of confidence in appearance suffered during teen years frequently follows the individual into their adult life as well. If your acne has cleared up, it’s time to put it behind you by getting rid of those scars. In so doing, you will build more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.

Our treatments are appropriate for all ages because some acne scars do not show up until later in life. For some older people in Manchester, acne scar treatment may not have been needed when they were young adults because their acne was moderate and the bit of scarring left behind has not been very noticeable. The first sign of ageing skin losing elasticity may be the enlargement of previously unnoticed acne scars. The skin sags and especially with the shallow depression scars, they appear larger. There may only be a few but even so, our treatments will make them less noticeable or even disappear. Clear and smooth facial skin can be yours and wouldn’t you love such a great confidence builder?

Acne scar treatment in Manchester is carried out at our clinic by skilled and experienced technicians using Medical Plasma or soft surgery. The treatment is successful for many skin conditions such as sagging skin, drooping eyelids and of course scarring. The treatment has been recently updated to an even better experience with terrific results. Treatment is safe, inexpensive, fast and the results are immediate. Contact us and we will set your mind at ease about this wonderful treatment. It’s now used by doctors around the world but used by Epilight from inception of the treatment. There are no knives, needles, anaesthetic or blood. Just beautiful clear skin.

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