Acne Scar Treatment in Wirral

Acne Scar Treatment in WirralFor the best acne scar treatment in Wirral, visit Epilight. In the last two decades, our team of experts has continually specialised in technologically advanced and clinically proven medical aesthetic solutions for optimal body contouring, skin health, and personal wellbeing. We are passionate about your skin, and that is why we strive to deliver quality service at only the best prices. Our friendly and caring team always puts your needs and wishes first to ensure that you feel safe and confident with us. We believe that your satisfaction is our main priority.

We are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission to ensure our high standards of treatment and service. In Wirral, acne scar treatment will go a long way in restoring your self-confidence. Offering the World’s only non-surgical blepharoplasty, which is also known as medical plasma or soft surgery, we can treat acne scars, among other conditions such as the removal of stretch marks, removal of Benign Skin Growths, moles, verrucae and keloids. Each treatment typically lasts 20 – 30 minutes. You will be asked to come in 30 minutes before your appointment as we will need to apply a topical numbing cream applied to the area to be treated. This is to minimise the risk of discomfort during the procedure.

After your acne scar treatment in Wirral, you will see a significant improvement. This will gradually improve over the course of the following 2-4 weeks. To find out more about our acne scar treatment, contact Epilight today. Book your first free consultation and we can answer any of the questions you have regarding the treatment. Offering a choice of some of the worlds most sophisticated and innovative medical aesthetic treatments, we firmly believe that you feel comfortable and safe and confident with us. Your total satisfaction with our service and treatments is our number 1 priority. You can rest assured that your confidentiality is ensured at all times. We guarantee that we will provide state of the art, clinically proven treatments and solutions with the highest possible standard of medical care in a relaxed atmosphere.

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