Acne Treatments in Liverpool

Acne Treatments in LiverpoolAcne treatments in Liverpool can also be non-surgical. In other words, you won’t have to worry about going under the knife or undergoing intense treatment that may leave even more scars. Acne is a skin ailment that many teenagers experience, and it may even last until adulthood. Patients who are affected by the woes of acne will be pleased to know that there are solutions alternative to medicines. At Epilight, we specialise in the treatment of different skin conditions and certainly have the solution to many issues, including acne which does cause a lot of unease and loss of confidence.

As such, we are pleased to offer Plexr, one of the world’s first plasma generator for skin sublimation and probably the only non-surgical treatment. In Liverpool, our acne treatments are affordable to all. It costs about half what it would a traditional surgery, plus the treatment itself is tailored to your needs and situation. It’s delivered according to your preferred results and it is carried out by qualified doctors. On top of that, it is one of the safest procedures and is used worldwide in more than 3000 facilities. There’s minimal risk, as well as it’s carried out quite fast. Plus, it has a healing time that is much faster than any normal surgical procedures as there is no cutting through the muscles or stitches involved. In addition to that, Plexr soft surgery provides an outcome that is more natural to both men and women. However, before our doctors can carry out a session, it’s crucial that you have a face-to-face consultation with them so that they can analyse your tissues and explain the different types of treatments that are available.

We specialise in various skin treatments and will be pleased to assist you with acne treatments in Liverpool. At Epilight, we have helped number of patients and restored their confidence. If you would like our help, do contact Epilight. Our aim is to provide quality and value for money treatments. At Epilight, we strive to make a wide range of the world’s most sophisticated treatments available to our patients!

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