Acne Treatments in Liverpool

Acne Treatments in LiverpoolWe offer some of the best acne treatments in Liverpool which can change your life. We know how sensitive we all are about blemishes on our skin and especially on our face where we cannot hide them.  Through aging and sun damage we all develop tired and dull skin.  We can resurface your skin giving you a fresher, younger looking complexion. Resurfacing can be a bit of a misnomer as there is nothing placed on the skin and the skin is not removed.  The laser therapy allows your own skin to heal itself and grow more collagen and this keeps the skin hydrated and makes it look smooth and plump.  Acne does not only occur in teenagers and can be a problem in older people too. We will help with a daily skin routine to help keep your skin healthy and lower the risk of acne.

As not everyone is born with perfect skin in Liverpool, acne treatments can make a huge difference to your life. If you have had a bad attack of acne as a teenager and still suffer with unsightly scars then skin resurfacing is for you.  In the past there were harsh methods of removing the skin to try and get an even, smooth finish but it damaged many more faces than it helped and could even be permanently disfiguring. Our laser skin resurfacing in gentle and will not leave your face red or in any other way disfigured.  There are many different skin problems that can be cured with laser skin resurfacing.

Our acne treatments in Liverpool are carried out using our new combined multi-light advanced florescence technology from Harmony.  We find that the flexibility of the laser machine allows us to offer a wider range of treatments with one machine.  Contact Epilight today and book your assessment and first treatment.  With laser resurfacing you can diminish ugly scars that are making you particularly self conscious.  The laser machine we use fires thousands of tiny pinpoint laser lights to the damaged area far beneath the surface of the skin.  This leaves no outward sign of the treatment but in the underlying area of the skin the deep dermis is stimulated to form new collagen and elastin to promote thicker healthy new skin.

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