Acne Treatments in Merseyside

Acne Treatments in MerseysideAcne treatments in Merseyside can help you boost your confidence to be comfortable in your own skin. This skin condition causes spots and pimples to appear on the face, shoulders, back, neck, and even the chest.  It usually appears during puberty but can appear later in life. Though not dangerous, you can tell its presence by the healed scars. Acne is known to hinder people’s confidence and how they view themselves as a result of the marks on the face. Usually, a dip in how you view yourself physically has an effect on how you view yourself in other areas, even mentally. Treatments administered are usually dependent on the severity of the situation. Epilight provides the treatment you need to get rid of acne and acne scars.

We put our two decades’ worth of experience into good use on all our patients. In Merseyside, acne treatments are carried out using Medical Plasma; a non-surgical treatment option that treats a wide range of skin conditions. It provides a more natural result for both men and women, leaving no scars or broken capillaries. Ever since using the latest version of this new-age technology since 2016, we have seen an improvement in a variety of sectors, including minimising of risks, side effects and healing time. Every person’s severity is different, so it is no wonder that we administer bespoke treatments to each individual. The third generation Plasma treatment enables us to fully customize it to you, your skin and your needs, as opposed to administering the same treatment using the same device setting; no matter the skin type or reason for treatment. This also ensures a safer procedure.

With the improvement of acne treatments in Merseyside, you can say goodbye to the side effects and speed up the healing time from two weeks to as little as 3 to 4 days. Contact Epilight for a fast, simple and no-fuss treatment that will give you new skin in no time. Book a face-to-face consultation with us today and let us come up with a treatment plan that will suit you and your lifestyle.

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