Scar Removal in Wallasey

Scar Removal in WallaseyScar removal in Wallasey is offered at Epilight for those who wish to have scars caused by acne, weight loss or pregnancy seen to. Scars can cause lack of self-confidence, and we are pleased to offer an effective, non-surgical scar removal treatment, customised to meet your specific needs. Advances in the medical field have allowed us to provide quality medical care in removing scars while minimising threats, downtime and healing times.

Why not schedule your first free appointment? In Wallasey, scar removal begins with a phone call to book an appointment. The first appointment is free of charge. Here we will discuss what you can expect from the treatment, what the procedure entails, and to answer any questions you may have. Our team of experts are highly trained, and during your first consultation we will analyse your tissues and explain the most suitable scar removal treatment for your needs. Medical plasma treatment is a non-surgical treatment and delivers an effective treatment that minimises any risk, side effects and healing times. This treatment is a fast and simple, no fuss treatment. It typically takes around 30 minutes and provides excellent results without the use of knives, needles blood or anaesthetic. It is ideal for both men and women, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consider scar removal in Wallasey at Epilight. This treatment is also affordable, up to half of what traditional surgery would cost. To find out more about our scar removal treatment, and to schedule a consultation, contact Epilight. We are licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means that all our services meet the required standards as set out by CQC. We were the very first clinic in Liverpool to offer this particular treatment, and since 2016, we have treated many patients. Our experience, our commitment to our clients as well as our philosophy of bringing our clients the most cutting edge, up to date technology and treatments has ensured that we offer the very best plasma technology the industry has to offer.  We are pleased to say that not only is this the most effective treatment with excellent results but it is also the safest treatment available.

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