Cellulite Removal in Formby

Cellulite Removal in FormbyOur treatment for cellulite removal in Formby can be easy and efficient.  We use a non-invasive treatment to freeze the fat cells and then use acoustic shock therapy to help remove them and tighten the skin.  Our therapists are highly trained in the use of these machines and to show you the immediate results we take measurements of the area being treated before and after the treatment.  Each treatment takes between 30 minutes and an hour.  Because you look after yourself and keep trim this treatment only targets those difficult to tone areas where the fat and cellulite will not budge no matter how hard you try. Our treatment needs between 4 and 6 sessions to eliminate the problem.  These take place at about 10-day intervals.

If you need to have your lumpy skin smoothed out in Formby, cellulite removal may help you gain the lovely silhouette you want.  The treatment is painless and safe and you can target fat or all three types of cellulite as the treatment is similar although the probe operates at different temperatures for the two treatments.  The blood flow to the area is improved and the shockwave breaks the cellulite bonds allowing excellent results.  From the first treatment, the results can be seen as the skin becomes smoother. There are three different types of cellulite, soft cellulite found mostly on the upper arms and legs, hard cellulite most common in younger women and it gives the skin the dimpled orange peel effect and edematous cellulite which is caused by poor circulation and retention of fluid.

Our expert treatment for cellulite removal in Formby is just part of our dedication to providing excellent care for your skin.  Contact Epilight today and pamper yourself.  You owe it to yourself to be all that you can be and that includes the removal of cellulite which can make an otherwise beautiful body look less than perfect. It is too late in summer to start to remove imperfections. You need to deal with the little problems long before you start wearing your bathing suit. We have some of the most sophisticated and innovative aesthetic treatments available. Spoil yourself and feel wonderful.

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