Cellulite Removal in Ormskirk, an Effective, Popular Treatment

Cellulite Removal in OrmskirkFormbyCellulite removal in Ormskirk is one of our most popular treatments at Epilight. It’s not surprising because nobody wants cellulite. It’s ruins the appearance of otherwise smooth flawless skin. You can’t even diet and exercise it away. Cellulite is fatty deposits that most often show up on the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. It’s not pretty and while it occurs in both men and women, a larger percentage of women experience it and to a greater degree. Epilight is dedicated to youthful looking skin. For the last 20 years we have brought to our clients the latest proven aesthetic treatments as quickly as they hit the market and prove themselves effective.

For cellulite removal we use the non-invasive treatment, Cryo-Lipo. In Ormskirk, cellulite removal is a non-invasive treatment, clinically proven to reduce all types of cellulite. Proshock ICE Cryolipolysis first freezes those fat cells that make up cellulite. Freezing deadens those fat cells.It is targeted to just that specific area. It freezes them to sub zero temperatures and then we use acoustic shock waves to shatter the cells. Then, your body naturally flushes them out. This is a targeted solution, just as liposuction is, and not meant for whole body slimming. It’s very effective, leaving the skin smooth and firmer looking. The loss of fat is measurable and the visual effects indisputable. There is no down time and no pain or discomfort.

Cellulite removal in Ormskirk using Cryo-Lipo requires between four and six 30-minute treatments. The treatments are perfectly comfortable. We like to allow about ten days between each treatment. Measurements are taken before and after each treatment. Contact Epilight and schedule a consultation. Our technicians can help you understand further what to expect from the treatments, the approximate costs and anticipated results. Again, Cryo-Lipo is only for targeted areas; those unsightly areas affected by one or all three types of cellulite; Adipose fat, Edematous and Fibrous. It is marvellously effective on skin with dimples in all the wrong places. Greet shorts and bathing suit season this year with a whole new confidence. 

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