Botox Testimonial

Botox:  The Things Most People Should Know,  But Don’t…

This is not an advert.

It is merely information about Botox, its use, some common mis-perceptions about Botox and the law. Botox is a registered trademark, it is a neuro toxin, a drug manufactured by the drug company Allergan; and officially classed as a drug. It is illegal to advertise drugs.

The Advertising Standards Authority strictly enforces this rule with any company found using in their advertising
the word “Botox”

Botox is a “neuro toxin”which is useful in its capacity for inhibiting or blocking the nerves signal to the muscle. There are other neuro toxin drugs available, Azalure and Bo Couture, the common mis perception is that these drugs are Botox, they are not.

Botox is a trade name or trademark and it is owned by the company, Allergan. Although these other products or neuro toxins are often called Botox , by the clinics and advertisers and even the doctors sometimes, due to the word Botox being so wideley used and known by most.
Botox and the other main neuro toxin drugs are widely used in medicine in many different applications and it has been used safely for about a century. Because of the wide use of Botox and especially in the last 30 years or so as a wrinkle busting treatment, its wide use and growth in the aesthetic market as a” wrinkle removing jab” it is probably now one of the mostwidely used and tested drugs on the planet.
In the area of aesthetics, Botox is probably one of the most popular and desired treatments in the world, the growth in its use in clinics and cosmetic applications has been unprecedented  and this growth seems to be continuing.

Botox is an accepted common treatment which everyone has heard about but few people realise that it is a classified drug which cannot be marketed by name. Botox works by blocking the signal to the muscle and so preventing the muscle from working ie Botox freezes or inhibits the motor action of the muscle so preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles in areas of habitual high motor activity like frown lines, forehead crows feet.

Botox is not a dermal filler, this is a wide misconception that we often find, there is no filling of lines involved it simply stops the muscle from working. Botox effect for wrinkles and medical treatments also lasts for around 3 to 4 months usually and should be used as a habit breaking treatment. It is very useful in balancing symmetry of the face also and its use as an inhibitor to prevent excessive sweating is wideley practiced medically this treatnent for reducing sweating under the arms is called hyper-hydrosis treatment
Botox treatment is desired by many individuals and is wideley accepted by the public as safe these days however it should only be delivered by a medical professional and the law against advertising prevents the best practitioners advertising. Often the back street clinics or beauty parlours who are relatively uneducated about the law around drug advertising will advertise to the unsuspecting public.

Botox Dermal Fillers Testimonials

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Sheelagh D:

“I had Botox and dermal fillers and the result for me is amazing! Botox has straightened up my wonky uneven eyebrows and lifted them up too so now my eyelids are looking less droopy as well. Dermal fillers have given me the fullness of my cheeks back and a definite face lift oh and my mouth and lips look much better. I love it, I’m hooked.”


Marie R:

“I’ve had Botox for a few years now, around my eyes and forehead. It’s the one thing I’ll save and make sure I keep it up. I’d look a wreck without it especially with four young kids. Anyway I deserve it, for me it’s a confidence thing.”


Keith G:

“I have Botox in my forehead and for excess underarm sweating its something I have to have its made that much difference. I couldn’t wear coloured shirts ever. Now I wear what I want.”


Paul D:

“Both me and my wife come to Epilight for dermal fillers and Botox in Liverpool. It works a treat and we feel great. Lin and Jenny are the best I wouldn’t trust anywhere else!”

*results may vary from person to person