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How painful is laser hair removal?

Getting rid of hair can be painful. Whether you’re plucking a stray grey hair or waxing your legs, it hurts. Fortunately, modern technology has literally taken the pain away […]

Effective Laser Hair Removal in Crosby

With over 20 years of experience in laser hair removal in Crosby, our team at Epilight know everything there is to know about medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments in […]

Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham

Get in touch with us for professional and long-lasting laser hair removal in Birmingham to ensure skin that is forever smooth.

Laser Hair Removal in Southport

Laser hair removal in Southport is an excellent option if you have always wanted to completely get rid of the hair on your upper lip or underarms.  

Laser Hair Removal in Preston

With laser hair removal in Preston, you can get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Crosby

Laser hair removal in Crosby is a pain-free cosmetic procedure, which can be carried out on all skin types, and in all body parts.

Looking for Permanent Hair Removal in Crosby?

Consider  permanent hair removal in Crosby if you are tired of waxing your face every second or third day.

Painless Laser Hair Removal in Preston

Are you looking for a clinic that specialises in painless laser hair removal in Preston?

Painless Laser Hair Removal in Chester

Laser hair removal in Chester can be done by Epilight New Skin Clinic, especially if you like smooth hairless skin but you cannot tolerate pain.

Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin in Liverpool

Laser hair removal for black skin in Liverpool is becoming more common.

Cheapest Laser Hair Removal in Liverpool

Are you looking to get the cheapest laser hair removal in Liverpool from a reputable skin clinic?

The New Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal: Brand New Pain Free, Hair Free ‘Soprano Ice’

The best just got better at Epilight New Skin Clinic with the launch of the new pain free, hair free “Soprano Ice” laser hair removal system. It really is […]

Laser Hair Removal with Soprano ICE – Pain Free & Hair Free, Lowest Price in Liverpool

We may prefer not to talk about it, but unwanted hair and how to remove it is something that affects most of us. While reaching for the razor is […]

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Get ready for Summer at Epilight New Skin Clinics in Rodney street, Liverpool! Laser hair removal is the number one specialist treatment. There’s up to 60% off selected courses […]

Laser Hair Removal In Liverpool

For premier Laser Hair Removal In Liverpool


Unwanted hair is an emotive and debilitating problem for many men and women. Facial hair is particularly distressing for the women who have to deal with the problem every […]