Lip Plumping in Ormskirk

Lip Plumping in OrmskirkLip plumping in Ormskirk at Epilight is the solution for Mom Lips. You know what we mean; that reactive lip tightening that occurs every time your kids do something you disapprove of? Sure, and eighteen years of that and counting will leave you with barely visible prune lips. If you are thin lipped by nature you likely didn’t have a lot of volume to begin with. We offer wonderful treatments that can relax those tight lips, fill in tiny dry age lines and replace the plumpness of your youth. Our cosmetic physicians and technicians are adept at helping you choose the best treatment or treatments for your most naturally beautiful look. We want you to be happy with the results.

Counteracting the ageing process is best tackled early to avoid invasive procedures. For beautiful results with a gentle approach in Ormskirk, lip plumping using the highest quality dermal fillers is popular at Epilight. Our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner is highly experienced and benefits from ongoing training with industry leaders in aesthetic medical treatments. You will be pleased with the results our dermal fillers for lip plumping bring about using painless, non-invasive techniques. There is no down time and the results are instantly visible. Choosing dermal fillers early on is more cost effective than the more invasive surgery that may be needed if you wait.

What has happened to our youthful lips that we must undergo lip plumping in Ormskirk? The answer is age and the environment that accelerates ageing. If you think your lips look dehydrated it’s because they are due to the loss of Hyaluronic Acid which stores moisture in tissues. We can replace the Hyaluronic Acid using high quality dermal fillers to plump lips and even reshape our face. However your technician needs a complete grasp of facial anatomy and facial symmetry to achieve a naturally youthful appearance. Plump lips set in a sagging lower jaw line will look grotesque. Contact Epilight and schedule a consultation with our medical professional. She will explain how she achieves a natural look by addressing your whole facial area so natural balance is achieved.

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