Lip Plumping in St Helens

Lip Plumping in St HelensYou might benefit from lip plumping in St Helens if your family, friends and work associates wonder out loud why you look angry. Remember when you were a kid and your mum told you to smile or your face would freeze into that scowl? Too late! But that’s not really why your lips have thinned and developed tiny but deep wrinkles on your upper lip and a downturned mouth at the corners. Your face in repose is showing the signs of gravity that appear with age. What is happening is the loss of HA (hyaluronic Acid) from tissues which gives your face volume by attracting water that keeps your skin hydrated. That’s what keeps your face plump and youthful looking.

To resolve the problem we have to replace the lost HA and at Epilight, we use a range of lip and dermal fillers that can fill the void. For our clients in St Helens, lip plumping is carried out by our technicians using top quality proven products. Our choice is Belotero Lips because it’s safe and effective for shaping and contouring. Its 2-stage technology increases lip volume and also sculpts and defines natural-looking contours. At the same time, fine lines around the mouth are smoothed away. This product contains 2 hyaluronic acid ingredients for the first dermal filler to both plump and define lips. The results are soft, pliable and completely natural.

Lip plumping in St Helens with Belotero is painless because the products contain lidocaine which is a mild anaesthetic that will relieve any minor discomfort caused by the injection. Also, we use extremely fine needles which also add to your comfort. You won’t experience any pain after treatment and the effects will last up to a year; less for some depending on individual differences and lifestyles. Contact us and make an appointment with our technician for a consultation. She has decades of experience and is adept at making sure the volume and contours are perfectly natural and never overdone. She can answer all your questions and explain what you can expect before, during and after your treatment.

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