Lip Plumping in Wirral

Lip Plumping in WirralOur specialist lip plumping in Wirral can give you the perfect pouty and kissable lips you want.  We examine each patient thoroughly to establish how and where we can improve on nature. Each person’s lips are different in shape and volume and we try to enhance the lips so that they still appear natural.  There is nothing worse than someone with lips so large they look peculiar. We will only enhance your lips with dermal filler which consists of natural elements found in the body which over time dwindle to cause sagging and lack of volume. We use Hyluronic Acid as a filler as it is the natural ingredient found just below our skin that stores water and keeps our skin youthful and healthy looking. As we age it becomes less dense allowing wrinkles to form.

If you feel the need to remodel parts of your face in Wirral, lip plumping can completely change the way you feel about yourself. We believe that the sooner you start to look after your skin the better it is in the long run.  Lip enhancement is no different as the sooner you have the lips you always wanted the happier you will be and that shows in your outlook on life and your overall appearance. There are a number of lip enhancement treatments available. We use lip plumping, lip fillers which give your lips a shaped and sculpted look and lip enhancement which gives you fuller, plumper and more symmetrical lips. All injections are carefully controlled so that each treatment becomes a work of art.

We offer lip plumping in Wirral as one of our large range of treatments designed to enhance your body and care for your skin. Contact Epilight today and book a life changing treatment. Our highly qualified and globally trained Medical Director will ensure that your treatment is professionally carried out with no pain and huge satisfaction at the results.  We have over 20 years of experience in caring for skin and making sure your skin is in the best possible condition.  We take our skin for granted and often forget how much of a beating it takes from air pollution and sun damage.

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