Scar Removal in Liverpool

Scar Removal in LiverpoolScars change with age causing some people to seek out scar removal in Liverpool. A small scar, previously unnoticed can become more obvious over time as the skin loosens and thins. Most childhood scars like those just under the chin bone or crescents above the eyebrow disappear. However some adolescent scarring from acne can linger into adulthood and appear larger and stretched. Scars acquired during adulthood anywhere on your body can be unsightly and cause self-consciousness. The day comes when you want them gone. We’re here to help you achieve the highest level of skin perfection possible. Scar removal is achieved through one or more types of treatments that can leave your skin looking new.

At our Epilight, we make the latest technology and treatments in skin improvement available to clients. For those in Liverpool, scar removal is just one of our many treatments resulting in more youthful and blemish free skin. Our clinic enjoys a position among the most prestigious aesthetic medical practices in Liverpool. Established over twenty years ago, our clinic stays at the forefront of modern technology and new skin improving techniques. Often, we are the first in the area to bring our customers successful new treatments. Your confidential treatments is customised for you and medically managed by our professional staff. Epilight New Skin Clinic is overseen by The Care Quality Commission.

Scar removal in Liverpool is achieved through one or more methods. Treatments are designed especially for you. Plexar Soft is a new, non surgical treatment proving to be effective for scar removal using your body’s own plasma to smooth and tighten skin. CO2 GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing is a laser treatment effective for scar removal. Both treatments benefit the surrounding skin, require little to no down time and are easy to fit into your schedule. Contact Epilight and schedule a discreet consultation with one of our staff. A plan of treatment will be designed to achieve the highest degree of success safely and without pain. Our enviable customer base is a testament to our determination to offer value for money with all our new skin treatments.

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