Ulthera: The World’s Only Non-Surgical Lifting & Tightening Treatment

Managing Director Linda Cunningham has just spent the last few days learning even more about Ulthera, sharing experience and knowledge of the world’s one and only proven skin lifting and tightening modality; together with the most renowned and best in the aesthetic industry.

Linda said: “I’ve had ultherapy in our practice for three and half years now.

“We were one of the first clinics to bring Ulthera into the UK. This amazing treatment lifts and tightens the tissues and skin of the face, neck and now the chest, treating from inside out with no knives, blades or downtime.

“Being the very first clinic in Liverpool, Merseyside to offer this treatment, I can honestly say my expertise, knowledge and experience is right up there with the best of them.

“I am told by ulthera that I am a ‘world leader’, due to my experience and knowledge gained in practice and due to the sheer number of ulthera treatments that I personally have delivered all successfully and with
no significant adverse effects.

“I have just attended my 2nd ulthera masterclass update in Dublin.

“My first update was in Knightsbridge, London with famed Texan dermatologists and surgeons from the UK , New York and California.

“I met Sabrina Fabi, a famous doctor in the USA who has had ulthera in her practice about the same length of time as myself, so we’ve both seen ulthera grow and develop massively over the years.

“Ultherapy masterclass sessions are attended by doctors and surgeons and together we can discuss and share our experience, techniques and ulthera stories, so it’s absolutely invaluable and great for picking up new tricks and

“In fact, it’s truly amazing just to be able to literally pick the brains of the world’s best physicians in the industry!”

The masterclass was attended by renowned Dr Sabrina Fabi, who practices in the USA with Ulthera being her top main treatment in her own practice.

Sabrina talked about the fact that 750,000 treatments have been carried out to date and that 43 publications and “4 FDA approvals” with 7 further pending publications were in the pipeline.

Ulthera has more clinical trials and papers even than dermal fillers.

Linda added:

“Most patients want non surgical natural treatment to lift and tighten and Ulthera is literally the only one in the world that is clinically proven to work.

“It’s important that you have the real Ulthera ( beware Korean copycat that is fake and doesn’t work).
“Ultherapy gives significant visible lift and tightening with lasting results.”

The new stronger more intense Ulthera is available at Epilight New Skin Clinic.

Book now for your masterclass Ulthera treatment and get £500 off full face. Call 01517090099.


Linda has had her second ultherapy treatment and looks great!Shehad her neck and chest treated for the first time too.



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