Facial Hair Removal in Formby

Facial Hair Removal in FormbyFacial hair removal in Formby that is effective, painless, fast and leaves no side effects is available at Epilight. With 2 decades of experience and a reputation for bringing the best of new treatments and technology to our clients, we are the number one most trusted, professional and reliable skin treatment centre. That’s why we chose the very best laser treatment for unwanted facial hair; Soprano ICE. There are other laser hair removal treatments out there but none of them can match Soprano ICE on any level. This is the only laser hair removal system approved by the FDA. That approval is for all skin types and colour shades. Our clients, men and women, with all hair types, have found quick and safe results.

Unlike some laser treatments, Soprano ICE uses a sapphire tip that cools the skin at the same time the laser is heating the hair follicle within the skin. For a long time in Formby, facial hair removal using a laser system meant possible skin burns, many treatments and degrees of discomfort. Our Soprano ICE is cooling, prevents burns, is more gentle overall to your skin and treatments can be completed during your lunch hour. This powerful laser system brings faster results so you’ll need fewer treatments. Facial hair can be a problem for women at all stages of their life. Young dark haired women often struggle with it more than light haired but really, it’s only because the light hair is difficult to see.

End the daily plucking and waxing for facial hair removal in Formby and let Soprano ICE give you smooth hairless skin. After menopause, with our bodies producing less oestrogen, women often see an increase in facial hair above the upper lip and in the mouth and chin areas. Deny the laws of ageing and let Soprano Ice, administered by our talented technicians, give back your smooth youthful facial skin. You don’t have to stop with facial hair. Soprano ICE is safe enough to use for underarms and bikini lines. Contact Epilight and schedule your personal consultation with our Soprano ICE technician. We think you’ll be thrilled by the possibilities this special technology offers for facial hair removal.

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