Facial Hair Removal in Liverpool

Facial Hair Removal in LiverpoolMany women have dark facial hair and require facial hair removal in Liverpool Some fair haired women have thick and luxurious hair which also grows in places on their face. This can be very embarrassing and most women wish to have it removed. We have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of skin care and are dedicated to providing clinical excellence and the highest quality patient care possible. We have some of the most sophisticated and innovative medical aesthetic treatments that are suitable for all skin tones and all ages. We are consistently one of the first companies in the UK to offer the newest and most up to date skin solutions and medical aesthetic treatments which is reflected in our wide range of exciting new therapies.

We can help you look and feel better about yourself. In Liverpool, facial hair removal is just one of the treatments we offer that allow you to feel self confident about your appearance. Our Soprano Ice is an award winning laser hair removal system that eclipses all other methods of hair removal. This wonderful pain free treatment feels just like a cool massage even on very delicate areas. This is the only hair removal system that is FDA approved to treat all skin types, all hair types and every part of the body. The equipment uses cooling pumps within the hand held applicator along with a sapphire tip for contact skin cooling of the area.

Our company offers some of the newest treatments in facial hair removal in Liverpool. It is the safest and most gentle treatment for sensitive skin. Contact Epilight today to book an appointment and have unwanted hair removed from any part of your body. In summer this is particularly important as summer clothes leave more of your body exposed. Facial hair removal is important throughout the year and our system heats up and deactivates all the hair roots within and area which prohibits the growth of the hair. This is an easy and very effective, as well as a pain free, method of removing hair.

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