Facial Hair Removal in Northwich

Facial Hair Removal in NorthwichIt can be quite a hassle to epilate your face every month or so but with our facial hair removal in Northwich, you will no longer have to set up monthly appointments at the salon. Moreover, you will end up with permanent smooth skin that glows. And the best part is, you won’t have to suffer through the facial hair removal treatment. At Epilight, we offer the most effective hair removal system, also known as Soprono ICE, which a lot of people said feels more like a “cool massage”. It’ is a quick procedure, and it’s also effective on fine blonde and red hair.

The FDA-approved treatment is very quick, so quick that you can step in during your lunch break! In Northwich, facial hair removal is gaining popularity among our clients. The Soprano ICE technique basically has a higher coverage area and works by heating up the hair roots and deactivating them. The laser hair treatment is perfect if you would like great skin, a hassle-free life where you don’t have to shave every week or month, and if you really dislike the pain that comes with epilating or waxing. It works on the whole body, including sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms and face. It works its miracles on all skin types, including Asian, Black, White, and tanned skin. The great thing about it is not just its proven results but there are no side effects. It’s a comfortable type of hair removal system, and it is suitable for everyone. To ensure the best result, a course of treatment is recommended.  

If you are looking for comfortable and painless facial hair removal in Northwich, consider the Soprano ICE technique. You will not regret it. It’s gentle on the skin, comfortable and absolutely pain-free. For more information about facial hair removal, contact Epilight. Schedule an appointment and we can discuss the procedure, and answer any questions you may have. We don’t only have the best clinicians available, but we are also constantly investing in the latest and safest technologies to ensure cutting-edge services to our clients!

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