Facial Hair Removal in Northwich

Facial Hair Removal in NorthwichQuick painless facial hair removal in Northwich is available at Epilight. Women have been epilating their facial and body hair since the beginning of dawn for beauty and hygienic reasons, and unfortunately, it is something that has to be repeated every couple of weeks. Hair will grow back unless you go for the Soprano ICE laser hair removal which is more permanent. This means that you only have to get this treatment (this may last through a couple of treatment sessions) and you won’t have to worry about unsightly hair growth again.

With the Soprano ICE laser hair removal, you won’t have to worry about shaving, epilating, waxing or threading any more. In Northwich, facial hair removal has been made efficient by technology, and if you are interested in removing facial and body hair, we have the solution at Epilight. We can remove the fine hairs that grow on the top of the lip, the whole of the face and the neck as well as underarms, the limbs and the whole body. The treatment is quite amazing as a lot of our clients have stated that it feels a lot like getting a cool massage, plus, it is effective on all types of hair, including blonde and red hair. In addition to that, it is also suitable for all types of skin, and the treatment itself is quite fast; you can pop in during your lunch break. It has an even coverage and the best thing is that there are no side effects. The results are clinically proven even though results will vary largely on the patient.

Our permanent facial hair removal in Northwich is very safe and virtually painless. If you would like beautiful, smooth, hairless skin, contact Epilight today. We’re pleased to say that we bring one of the most sophisticated and innovative aesthetic treatments to our clients. Our aim is meeting your desires by providing value for money treatments, a professional approach and placing a friendly but qualified team at your disposal.

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