Facial Hair Removal in Ormskirk

Facial Hair Removal in OrmskirkFacial hair removal in Ormskirk is a quick, long-lasting and safe treatment using the latest Soprano ICE Laser system. This is the only hair removal system approved by the FDA to treat all skin and hair types anywhere on the body; anywhere. This latest laser hair removal system is effective and painless. Women, for whom shaving is not a good option, will welcome this solution to their unwanted facial hair. Dark-haired women are especially distressed when they see the dark hair on their upper lip or along the hairline on their face. Lighter haired women experience the same growth but often don’t notice it right away because it’s less noticeable. All it takes is for the light to shine at just the right angle and light-haired women are surprised at the amount of facial hair they actually have. Light or dark, nobody wants hair on their face.

Previous laser hair removal systems did the job but not as well, or as safely and comfortably. In Ormskirk, facial hair removal using the Soprano ICE Laser system is much more effective and comfortable. The handheld applicator has cooling pumps inside and the tip of the laser is a sapphire. The cooling pumps cool the skin during treatment and sapphire tip cools the specific treatment area. It’s still a laser and the function is to heat the hair follicle to destroy it so hair won’t grow back. With Soprano ICE, that is what happens but your face feels like you’re receiving a cool relaxing massage. During our twenty years in business, we’re always on the lookout for new and better treatments for our clients. Once a treatment is proven, we are first in line to utilise the new technology.

Epilight invests in new technology such as Soprano ICE for facial hair removal in Ormskirk. We also invest in technician training. We are professionals that master each new technique before treating clients. If you are searching for a better facial hair removal system, contact us. Imagine, no more razors, harsh chemical epilators or painful waxing. Those treatments are more uncomfortable and harsh on your skin than our Soprano ICE laser and such harsh treatments have to be applied frequently. Soprano ICE is a permanent solution. During your free consultation, your questions will be answered and any concerns addressed.

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