Facial Hair Removal in Southport

Facial Hair Removal in SouthportEpilight has your solution for facial hair removal in Southport. So put away your razor and chemical depilatories and place yourself in our capable hands. Epilight has been in business for over twenty years. All of our treatments are overseen by medical professionals to insure safe effective skin treatments for all manner of anomalies. Some people experience what is considered excessive hair growth on their face and women especially suffer because in our culture a woman’s face is supposed to clear of all blemish and hair. For many it’s simply a hereditary norm but when it’s your face you may be cursing your ancestors as you tweeze. Let us help. We have new technology that makes a difference.

Epilight would like to introduce you to an innovative hair removal system that is long lasting, painless, and effective on all hair types. For our clients in Southport, facial hair removal using the Soprano Ice laser technology is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive areas of your face and body. Plus, the treatments are less time consuming than older methods. In the hands of our carefully trained and highly experienced technicians the Soprano Ice laser aims pulsating lights at the hair follicle; the light converts to heat which destroys the follicle. The result is a prevention of regrowth. It’s so quick we can administer treatments during your lunch hour.

Facial hair removal in Southport with Soprano Ice leaves your skin silky smooth. There is no rough stubble or inflamed hair follicles that bump up all red and itchy. We love new technology that makes a difference in the lives of our clients so we were super excited when we witnessed early trials of Soprano Ice. Did you know Soprano Ice laser hair removal is the only FDA approved treatment for permanent hair removal? Contact Epilight and schedule your own free consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Soprano Ice laser hair removal has it all; safe, quick, effective and painless. You’ll really be pleased with results especially when you discover how affordable Soprano Ice is.

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