Facial Hair Removal in Widnes

Facial Hair Removal in WidnesFacial hair removal in Widnes at Epilight is the solution for women who want to be free of excess hair, particularly dark hair on their face. Their trouble spots are often the upper lip and in front of the ears on the face. Heavy brows or unibrow can be permanently shaped with the removal of excess hair. Blonde or light-skinned women often have the same problem areas, especially as they age. Because the hair is light and usually not thick, light women often ignore the facial hair. They look in the mirror but they don’t see it and assume no one else can. Oh, but let the sun hit their face at a certain angle and there it is for all to see. Since the hair is sparse and never attended to, a few will grow long.

Some good soul will point out you have a three inch hair growing from your chin or hanging alongside your lip. For women in Widnes, facial hair removal is as close as Epilight. Excess facial hair is not attractive on women of any colour; get rid of it. If you can’t see the hair on your face, especially those wild hairs, our technicians can. They will find them and annihilate them. Never again will your dignity be compromised by those long wiry grey hairs sprouting from odd locations on your face.

Fast and painless facial hair removal in Widnes is available at Epilight. We use the latest laser technology, Soprano Ice. The procedure is cooling to the skin and more effective than previously used methods. It is the only FDA approved laser hair removal treatment, and it works. The hair follicle is destroyed so hair won’t grow back. Larger segments of hair can be treated at one time with Soprano Ice for those who want to use it on other parts of the body.  The treatments are safe for all skin types and hair colour.  It’s gentle but effective; effective on your whole body but gentle enough for your face. Contact Epilight and make an appointment with one of our consultants. Schedule your treatment and never worry about facial hair again.

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