Alopecia in Warrington

Alopecia in WarringtonAre you living with alopecia in Warrington and would like to find a suitable treatment? Alopecia is a condition where the person’s hair falls out in round patches. This can occur on the scalp or anywhere on the body. Alopecia affects approximately 5% of the population and it often strikes perfectly healthy people. The hair will grow back but it usually falls out. This condition may last for a few years. Alopecia doesn’t occur due to damage of any kind to the nerves, nor is it contagious. The immune system attacks the roots of the hair, causing them to fall out.  Although some hair loss is expected as we age, when patches of hair fall out it can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. It can also change how people view you. Luckily at Epilight, we have the perfect solution for treating this medical condition.

If you reside in Warrington, alopecia can be treated using low-level laser therapy. This is a non-invasive solution to balding and hair loss with no adverse side effects. Our treatment will stimulate hair growth in both men and women who are affected by this medical condition. Using a low-level laser to treat hair loss is an innovative treatment proven to boost hair growth. It improves and increases cellular function and metabolism; stopping hair loss and causing visible re-growth. Up to 95% of patients notice significant improvement and stability from hair loss. This treatment is also effective in improving the density of your hair. Our treatment is delivered up to 7 times to help increase cellular metabolism and regeneration of the hair follicles.

For treatment of alopecia in Warrington, consider low level laser therapy. Contact Epilight today to learn more about this revolutionary treatment for alopecia and hair loss. With this treatment, you no longer have to wear hair pieces, wigs or hats to hide your condition. You’ll be able to live and work in confidence once more with this treatment. We also treat other medical conditions such as acne, sun damage and melisma.

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