Effective Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Thinning in Merseyside

Hair Thinning in MerseysideWhen you begin to notice hair thinning in Merseyside you may think there’s no help for it. It could be a hereditary trait in both men and women. You may linger over hair care product shelves searching for a miracle solution. If you talk to anyone about it, it’s probably your hair stylist. A little creative styling might help for a while but there’s no long term solution to be found there. Ageing causes hair to thin because hair follicles are dying. There are just fewer hair follicles producing hair so the part in your hair gets wider and wider. Hair becomes so thin the scalp can be seen through it. You know the look because you’ve sat behind men and women in church or the theatre and seen how fragile and thin their hair is even after careful styling.

We have a few solutions, which in combination, might be the answer to your thinning hair. In Merseyside, hair thinning treatment responds well to low level laser therapy. Both men and women have benefited from low-level laser therapy without any negative side effects. The treatment is safe and this FDA approved treatment may stop further hair loss and regenerate hair growth. The laser therapy stimulates and increases the cellular metabolism of hair follicles which often results in hair regrowth you can see. Just importantly, it stops the increase in hair loss and the actual hair quality is greater. If you’ve undergone hair transplants, our laser treatment can help the healing process and accelerate new growth. You will be completely comfortable and pain free during and after treatments. 

Hair thinning in Merseyside responds well to low level laser therapy. However, we like to improve on the level of success by combining other treatments with laser therapy. We now use mesotherapy microinjections of nutrients into the scalp to improve the production of thicker hair by the follicle. This too is a painless treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment where a bit of plasma which contains natural growth factors is separated from your own blood and introduced into thinning areas of the scalp. Nioxin Liverpool, the best-selling product for thicker hair, combined with low-level laser therapy has proven effective for some. Contact Epilight and schedule your consultation to learn about the best solutions for hair thinning. No two people experience the exact same results but 95% show definite improvement.

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