Hair Loss in Southport

Hair Loss in SouthportIf you or a dear one suffers from hair loss in Southport, get in touch with the experts. At Epilight, we have more than twenty years’ experience in providing top-quality skin and hair care treatments. We aim to give our valued customers efficient, state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions to their issues. Our suite of face and skin, body and hair treatments helps you to resolve medical aesthetic problems no matter how big or small they are. We have been one of the first companies in the UK to consistently offer the latest and most innovative treatments from around the world. We believe in constantly updating our knowledge, skills and expertise so that you benefit from them. We ensure that our team undergoes regular refresher courses and training on new and emerging technologies, products and methodologies.

All our treatments are conducted by qualified, trained and experienced practitioners and certified staff. In Southport, hair loss can be extremely distressing for both men and women. It results in depression, social isolation, loss of confidence, lack of self-esteem and many other negative emotions. People tend to feel embarrassed about seeking treatments or they assume that such treatments are beyond their financial reach. However, a consultation with one of our experts can clarify all your doubts. At Epilight, we can combine two or more treatments to get the best results, in the shortest possible time. Our advanced laser treatments can be life-changing and a boon to people of any age. We use low level laser therapy as a non-invasive, non-drug, non-medication treatment for hair loss and baldness. This treatment is fully approved of by the FDA. It improves cellular metabolism and function and stimulates hair growth. There are absolutely no side-effects of this treatment and you can see the results in a very short time.

More than 95% of our clients see significant improvement and stabilisation of hair loss in Southport. Increased density, volume and thickness of hair has been seen following the treatment. If you are suffering from hair loss, contact Epilight to find out how we can help you. Other treatments like our revitalising mesotherapy, and platelet rich plasma treatment are equally effective. Our expert team can suggest the best course of treatment for you.  

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