Hair Loss in Widnes

Hair Loss in WidnesOur specialist treatment for hair loss in Widnes entails laser hair treatment. It can reduce hair loss and encourage hair regrowth potentially reversing balding and alopecia in men and women. Loss of hair can have a very serious depressive effect on both sexes although it is far more devastating in women. This effective treatment uses low-level laser therapy and is a non-invasive solution to hair loss and balding with no side effects. The advanced laser treatment has been designed to stop hair loss whilst helping to stimulate hair regrowth. Thousands of men and women have benefitted thanks to this innovative treatment.

One of the biggest losses of self-esteem in Widnes, hair loss can be especially devastating to younger people. Laser hair therapy could stop hair loss and encourage the hair to grow back. Low-level laser therapy is a non-drug, non-medication based treatment that is FDA approved and has shown to increase and improve cellular metabolism and function and aids to stop hair loss and cause visible growth. Over 95% of customers see significant improvement and both men and women have stabilisation of hair loss. Women have improved hair quality and regrowth in the vertex area which is around the crown and mid scalp. Men usually show an improvement in the frontal and vertex areas. Hair density and thickness may also increase. It may also help newly transplanted hair grow better and help in the healing process.

We can help you with stopping hair loss in Widnes. This can be a life-changing treatment and help you to regain lost self-confidence. Contact Epilight today and book an appointment with one of our expert and highly qualified clinicians. We are passionate about providing clinical excellence and the highest possible patient care. We bring you a choice of some of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative medical aesthetic treatments. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe during your procedure. We have decades of experience in helping people with many types of skin problems and easy and painless forms of face tightening and age reducing treatments. We are equipped with some of the latest state of the art equipment.

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