Effective Laser Hair Removal in Crosby

Laser Hair Removal in CrosbyWith over 20 years of experience in laser hair removal in Crosby, our team at Epilight know everything there is to know about medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments in the area. We are at the forefront of the industry using cutting edge techniques to help you achieve the look you desire. Our Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is the leading procedure for painless, effective hair removal that both women and men can enjoy. The benefits of this new technique are revolutionary and will change your grooming regime forever.

Of all the treatments you can get in Crosby, laser hair removal can be a hit and miss affair. The most advanced system available is our Soprano ICE LHR and it is the only system that has been approved by the American FDA as safe for all skin types. It works on all types of hair, thick or thin, and it will effectively remove hair from all parts of the body. The process itself is supercooled and feels just like a cold massage. One of the main benefits is that the treatment takes up half the time of traditional laser removal, great for a quick treatment during your lunch break or in between errands. Our LHR is proven to have longer lasting results than other treatments and our customers have reported greater satisfaction.

Our team at Epilight are confident you will love this brand new way to get effective, lasting laser hair removal in Crosby more than other treatments on the market. You will feel smoother for longer with the Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal and you can get this state of the art treatment at Epilight. If you are curious to know more about Soprano ICE, give us a call and we will gladly book you in for an appointment. There is a better solution to your hair removal needs and our expert team at Epilight can provide it through Soprano ICE. Say goodbye to unsightly hair today.

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