Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham

Laser Hair Removal in BirminghamGet in touch with us for professional and long-lasting laser hair removal in Birmingham to ensure skin that is forever smooth. At Epilight, we are always at the forefront finding the best and most contemporary techniques for our patients. We know that epilating the fine hair or shaving can be an annoyance every couple of weeks. Some people have a faster hair growth cycle, which means they will have to spend more money whether they choose to go to the salon or do it themselves at home.

If you would like skin that is smooth forever, laser hair removal is a great option. In Birmingham, laser hair removal is a more permanent solution. In fact, the Soprano ICE technology that we use is the award-winning tool, and it’s certainly one of the most effective. Furthermore, the treatment itself is quite relaxing; it’s very safe on the skin as well as gentle, and it’s perfect even for those with sensitive skin. It can also be used on the face, underarm and bikini line. The treatment is also very fast, so fast that you can pop in during your lunch break. It’s one of the easiest treatments, and those with blonde or even red hair will be pleased to know that they are eligible for this treatment as well. The laser hair removal technique is easy and painless, and it works by focusing the laser beam on the hair follicles, disabling it and preventing any further hair growth. It’s virtually painless and after the treatment, you will have beautiful and smooth skin, and you won’t ever have to worry about shaving or epilating again!

To sign up for our laser hair removal in Birmingham, why not contact us today? We will have an initial consultation first before we proceed with the treatment. Our clinic has been designed with your comfort in mind. We also offer a range of other services including lip plumping, tattoo removal, sun damage correction among others. Throw away your razor and shaving cream and opt for our effective laser hair removal treatment.

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