Liposuction in Chester

Liposuction in ChesterAre you considering liposuction in Chester? The sensitivity of the treatment demands that you have the process done in a trusted facility, where all your needs will be met. Any change to the body that is of this magnitude is bound to have some effects. This is why your aftercare is just as important as the treatment process itself. Though the treatment we offer at Epilight requires no downtime at all, we still ensure your safety before, during and after the treatment plan. We want to help you improve the amount of body fat and cellulite so as to promote a healthy functionality within which will most definitely show the results without.

The whole process is carried out within 4 to 6 treatment sessions, with each treatment taking between half an hour and an hour. In Chester, liposuction begins with a process known as ice lipolysis. This freezes the adipose cells which lead to programmed cell death. We then administer acoustic shock therapy, which aids in removal and tightening. The process is carried out after every 10 days until the duration of the treatment lapses. It is important to note that this treatment is not a full-body slimming treatment. What it helps with are those problem areas that do not seem to be affected no matter the amount of exercise you put in or how careful you are with your diet. Nonetheless, this comfortable, non-invasive procedure is bound to have you feeling and being even more confident in your body, helping you improve your way of life.

As with any other treatment, liposuction in Chester will have varying results among individuals. Our expert care and customer service will help you achieve your results in the safest way possible. Contact Epilight today for this and other such treatments. We are dedicated to providing clinical excellence and the highest quality of patient care. We bring to you some of the world’s most epic aesthetic treatments and make sure you are comfortable throughout the processes. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance: we’ll always ensure to put your needs and wishes first.

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