A Younger, Softer Looking Skin with Non Surgical Face Lift in St Helens

Non Surgical Facelift in St HelensirkChoose a non surgical face lift in St Helens for a painless, refreshing and rejuvenating experience. We have more than two decades’ experience in medical, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. As a team of experts, experienced and highly trained in the field, we use state-of-the-art equipment, products and techniques. We offer a range of treatments and these include laser hair removal, tattoo removal, wrinkle relaxation, dermal fillers, face/neck lifting and tightening, skin resurfacing, eyelid/eye bag treatments. Our treatments are suitable for the face, neck, body and hair, and are offered at affordable prices.

We provide commitment to quality, safety, hygiene, professional ethics and 100% client confidentiality and satisfaction. In St Helens, non surgical face lift procedures are a popular, simple, quick and non-invasive option. They don’t require large incisions, anaesthesia, and hospitalisation. As we age, certain areas of the face such as forehead, chin, cheeks, mouth and eyes lose volume and begin to sag and wrinkle. The use of dermal fillers helps restore lost skin tone and volume, providing a more youthful and fresh appearance. Every procedure is tailored to meet your own unique needs, preferences and budget.

Non surgical face lifts in St Helens will include Ultherapy which is an FDA proven Ultrasound treatment not only for your face, but for your neck too.  Our non-invasive face lift will rejuvenate your skin and deal with lines, folds and wrinkles, crow’s feet, hollow cheeks, facial volume loss and more. If you are interested in rejuvenating your skin and would like to find out more, contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. A non surgical face lift is a relatively temporary solution, and they may have to be repeated regularly to maintain the results. While this procedure may not offer very dramatic results, they are safer and ideal for those who want a gentler and softer approach to aging. Though the aging process is inevitable, you can delay the onset of visible effects with cosmetic procedures. We offer a detailed consultation with our qualified experts. 

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