Facelift Treatment in Liverpool

Facelift  Treatment in LiverpoolIf you are looking for a simple and easy facelift treatment in Liverpool, you need to consider some of the uncomplicated non-surgical approaches to getting the results you would like. Technology has greatly evolved and, with it, the procedure for getting a facelift has also greatly improved making what was once a painful and expensive treatment easier to access. A procedure which is now successfully used is one including PDO Threads. PDO (polydioxanone) threads come with a special weave structure that helps the tissue rise, while stimulating collagen and elastin production in the body. This allows the skin to stay supple and natural while tightening it over a period of 2-weeks. After this time the skin begins its own natural tightening technique and takes over the facelift process, helping improve its look and appearance over a period of time.

In Liverpool, facelift treatments are offered by Epilight  New Skin Clinic.  Facelift treatments are noted for their long lasting effects.  Facelift treatments are generally apparent for approximately two years. The facelift treatment is painless and will take between thirty and sixty minutes.  It is also an ideal treatment for persons aged between 35 and 60 years. It is almost entirely pain-free and doesn’t come with any of the discomfort that surgical or dermal fillers might bring. The other non-surgical procedure that really makes a difference is Ultherapy. This uses ultrasound waves to tighten your skin from the inside out.

The basis of this non-surgical facelift treatment in Liverpool is that the process is similar to the ultrasound test for pregnant women – it is as non-invasive and easy to undergo. Another procedure along similar lines is the Accent RF, which uses radio frequency instead of ultrasound therapy to tighten the inner layers of the skin.  While the facelift treatments and procedures are non-invasive and accomplished with relative ease, it is imperative to use a trained and skilled professional.  At Epilight New Skin Clinic, you can rest assured that the professional highly trained staff will provide the most effective facelift treatment you wish for.  Contact Epilight New Skin Clinic to find out more about facelift treatments.

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