Find the Cheapest Vampire Lift in Liverpool?

Find the Cheapest Vampire Lift in LiverpoolOne of the newest trends in skin care and cosmetic treatments is finding the cheapest vampire lift in Liverpool.

As the pressure to look young increases in society, so does the need for nonsurgical facelifts. These are “better” than their surgical counterparts mainly because it does not involve actual surgery. Vampire facelifts are fast becoming a popular trend in nonsurgical procedures, especially since celebrities like Anna Friel and Kim Kardashian have undergone this new procedure. As with any new cosmetology procedure, most people are concerned about the cost. Where can you find clinics that offer affordable vampire facelifts?

In Liverpool, Vampire lift procedures are competitively prices at Epilight New Skin Clinics. The treatment involves taking a small amount of your blood cells which are harvested in a specialized machine to produce PRP or platelet rich plasma. PRP contains yellow plasma which is filled with stem cells and growth factors. This is injected into your skin, particularly in trouble areas like frown lines, eye creases and neck wrinkles. The injected plasma works to regenerate and renew skin. This treatment is short, taking just 90 minutes. This is the best treatment for individuals who want to experience rejuvenating effects but are anxious about undergoing a surgical procedure. Side effects from a vampire facelift are minimal and the entire procedure results in skin that appears plumper, fresher, natural, and enriched. Best of all, PRP doesn’t just combat troubled areas of the face; it can be used to target stretch marks on the stomach, loose skin and scars. Considering the technical effort that is required to draw your blood and separate the plasma, most clinics will charge their customers an arm and a leg. At Epilight New Skin Clinics, this is not the case.

If you are looking for the cheapest vampire lift in Liverpool, then give Epilight New Skin Clinic a call today and book your free consultation. An experienced skin care technician will go over the entire procedure with you and answer all your queries.

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