Laser Skin Resurfacing In Knowsley

Laser Skin Resurfacing In KnowsleyAt Epilight, we use laser skin resurfacing for Knowsley clients with a variety of skin problems or concerns including loose skin, dull or rough skin, sun damage, scars, undesirable pigmentation, or signs of aging. While many people know that laser treatments result in younger-looking, firmer and glowing skin, we are often asked how they work.

Here in Knowsley, laser skin resurfacing takes several forms. The first is the Fractional CO2 Laser Solution. This CO2 laser works deeply and powerfully as it emits energy that passes through the skin and is absorbed by the water in the tissue. The laser’s light stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts to replace elastin and collagen for itself, so resurfacing the skin. Simultaneously, the laser removes thin layers of damaged skin. The CO2 laser has a speedy and remarkable impact on deep facial wrinkles, scars, sun-damaged skin and on stretch marks. The difference is marked after just 1 or 2 treatments, and recovery times are much faster than previously or with other types of laser. Secondly, we offer Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing, also known as ClearliftTM, Pixel Q Switch or IQ Switch, which uses the theory of micro-thermal treatment zones which the laser pulses target. The impact from these laser mini-blasts release pressure waves through the micro-channels in the skin which makes it more receptive to healing and regenerative substances. This treatment also prompts the body’s natural healing process as it grows healthy skin and forms collagen and resurfaces the skin from underneath to the surface.

Laser skin resurfacing in Knowsley from Epilight will assist with skin problems that sap your self-confidence. Call us today to arrange your free consultation so that we can discuss the best solutions for you!

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