Non Surgical Face Lift in Liverpool

Non Surgical Face Lift in LiverpoolA non surgical face lift in Liverpool is one of our many treatments at Epilight. Our treatments give women from all walks of life the opportunity to deny the effects of skin ageing and imperfection. Women who use our services are those who are determined to look their best no matter their age. We are always on the look-out for new and improved products and cutting edge treatments proven to safely maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. For over twenty years Epilight’s staff have provided medical cosmetic treatments to hundreds of women. We are proud of them and the results that restored their self-confidence. When we look better, we feel better and it shows in our body language. 

You probably don’t have resources to spend a month or two secluded away while your face heals from a surgical face lift that dramatically changes your appearance. For those in Liverpool, non surgical face lift discreetly undertaken at Epilight leaves our clients looking like their best, most youthful selves. Ultherapy Amplify 2 is the only non-invasive face lift treatment approved by the FDA because it significantly rebuilds and regenerates deep tissue collagen and noticeably lifts the face and tightens the skin on the face and neck. Treatments are tailored to the individual for maximum lift. The controlled precision possible with the ultrasound machine is amazing. Others may claim their ultrasound face lifts work but only Ultherapy Amplify 2 is proven effective.

Ultherapy Amplify 2, a proven non surgical face lift in Liverpool is safe, leaves no scars and requires no recovery time. One treatment continues working beneath the skin for three months, gradually improving appearance. Top it off once a year to maintain your most youthful appearance. This latest ultrasound therapy is so safe we can treat the delicate skin of drooping eyelids. Contact Epilight and schedule a free consultation. Give the skin on your face, neck and chest a regenerating boost that will tighten and lift your skin. Then let nature do the work to increase collagen production for a natural face lift. At Epilight our treatments are affordable, effective and fit easily into your busy schedule.

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