Non Surgical Facelift in Cheshire

Non Surgical Facelift in CheshireAfter a certain age everyone wants to look as young as possible and you can with a non surgical facelift in Cheshire. This is something you can have during your lunch hour and return to work straight after it. This wondrous treatment is still the only 4 times FDA approved non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin on the face, brow, chin and neck. We use the latest state of the art Ultherapy Amplify 2 machine for a new and improved Ultherapy treatment. Our machine helps rebuild the type 1 collagen that is a large part in facial supporting structures. The treatment can be seen immediately but increases over 2 to 3 months and will last for at least 6 months.

You want your skin to be firm and youthful and stay that way for as long as possible. In Cheshire, a non surgical facelift will remove the wrinkles and tighten up your skin leaving it looking and feeling stretchy and young. Ultherapy works by directing ultrasound deep into the skin tissues right down through 3 skin and tissue layers and 3 depths into subcutaneous muscle and deep dermis. It causes collagen to be produced and this natural product is what keeps the skin tight and young looking. Our experienced therapists treat every customer individually and will concentrate on the areas most affected by aging.  The rebuilding and regeneration of the deep facial tissues take place under the skin so that there is no visible sign on the skin.

Our non surgical facelift in Cheshire is safe and very effective. Contact Epilight today and make an appointment with one of our therapist so that we can provide you with a new lease on life. We have over 20 years of experience in various skin treatments and anti aging therapies. We have a wide range of treatments none of which involve surgery. Our therapists are expert at many non invasive treatments like Botox and laser therapy and will examine you before any treatment is agreed on. This allows you to decide what you would like to improve on your body and face and the therapist will then offer you your own bespoke treatment package.

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