Opt for Affordable and Non-Surgical Face Lifts in Leeds

Non Surgical Face Lifts LeedsNon-surgical face lifts in Leeds represent a safe and affordable way to reduce sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin ageing is a natural process that is caused by depletion and reduced production of skin-firming hormones including collagen and elastin. Achieving healthy skin starts with following a regular skincare regime and a balanced diet. According to a report published by the British Association of Dermatologists, the biggest culprit that accelerates skin ageing is UV radiation. The skin requires adequate doses of vitamin C in order to stay supple and firm. Our diet is however unable to supply these high amounts of vitamin C. Regular topical application of creams and exfoliation with the help of fruit enzymes also helps in providing vitamin C to the epidermal layer.

Clients can now get, in Leeds, affordable non-surgical face lifts at Epilight New Skin Clinics. The most effective to combat the natural skin ageing effects is to optimise skin texture. The use of moisturisers, glycerine and other high quality skin compounds help keep the skin hydrated and minimise the loss of moisture through epidermal layers. The choice of skin treatment for wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin will depend on several important factors including age, lifestyle choices, skin texture and type and so on. The media-induced hype surrounding celebrities with flawless skin has also fuelled the obsession with ‘instant’ skin treatments. The secret to firm, supple and younger-looking skin lies in subtle alterations to skin texture.

The good news is that non-surgical face lifts in Leeds are safe, non-invasive and effective. The effects are natural and more long-lasting. Traditionally, wrinkles and fine lines were always treated with the help of fillers and injections. Although these impart an unnatural, ‘plumped-up’ look to clients, the methods were popular because they appeared to give an ‘instant’ skin makeover. Epilight offers Non-surgical face lifts that work on a cellular level that stimulates the production of hormones. This in turn promotes natural altering of skin texture. For more information about non-surgical face lifts, contact Epilight.

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