Plexr Soft Surgery in Crosby

Plexr Soft Surgery in CrosbyYou can transform your appearance with Plexr soft surgery in Crosby, so why look ten years older than you are? At Epilight, we offer Plexr, the one-of-a-kind, revolutionary non-surgical blepharoplasty and other treatments that can give you an easy, simple, safe and  affordable makeover. Blepharoplasty is an operation that corrects defects, deformities and disfiguration of the eyelid. These conditions may be due to age, illness, injuries, accidents, weight gain or loss. It involves excision or repositioning of tissues like skin and fat around the eyelids and strengthening the surrounding muscles and tendons. The entire area from eyebrow to cheekbones can be transformed to eliminate sagging, puffiness and wrinkles.

Some of the conditions that we deal with are eyelid lifting, correcting sagging in lower-lids and puffiness or “eyebags” removing smoker’s lines, lifting excess skin, removal of fat deposits near the eyes, and benign growths. In Crosby, Plexr soft surgery can restore your youthful appearance, without leaving tell-tale scars or broken capillaries. The entire procedure takes just 30 minutes and it’s fast, simple, economical and hassle-free. No knives, needles or anesthesia are involved. Healing is uncomplicated and usually swift. Plexr is a very safe procedure and has been tried and tested extensively across the world.

Plexr soft surgery in Crosby is customised to fit your needs and profile. One of the essential aspects of the procedure available at Epilight is that it’s completely bespoke. Each treatment is unique and designed to give you the best possible result. One of the attractive aspects of Plexr is that it costs just a fraction of other such procedures. Plexr can also be used for face and body lifting, acne-scar removal, tattoo removal, belly-button correction, removal of skin growths, stretch-marks, tags, and lesions. To find out more about this treatment, contact Epilight. Prior to treatment, our clinicians ensure that you have a detailed consultation in which all your queries are satisfactorily answered. Epilight also believes that it’s essential that clients feel comfortable, safe and confident with us. Our first priority is meeting your needs, giving you 100% satisfaction and value for money. Your privacy and confidentiality are completely secure with us. 

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