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PRP and Meso Therapy in SouthportIf you are interested in or need PRP and Meso therapy in Southport, visit us at Epilight. We have in excess of 15 years experience in the field of medical aesthetic treatments, and provide a range of non-surgical, clinically proven solutions, including meso- therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment. For additional peace of mind, our customers know that we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our staff members are highly trained, experienced professionals.

Here in Southport, PRP  and Meso therapy are becoming increasingly popular with a range of customers, including a mother and daughter who came into our rooms together recently. Mum was unhappy about the fact that she had developed loose skin below the chin and at the front of her neck. The daughter’s concern was the arrival of numerous fine facial lines. The solution for both women that was decided on after examination and consultation was a combination of standard meso-therapy, the use of micro injections to introduce vitamins and other ingredients into the skin, and PRP which involves the injection of their own plasma into the area that requires rejuvenation and treatment. Both of these types of treatments improve the quality of the skin and smooth out fine lines. Based on a careful examination of both patients, a number of active ingredients were selected for use including various enzymes, peptides, vitamins and minerals. The platelet rich plasma injections contain the patient’s own stem cells, growth factor stimulators and natural nutrients. The results are often quite dramatic although usually a few treatments are necessary.

Could you benefit from PRP and Meso therapy in Southport? If you would like to have younger-looking, glowing and smooth skin, contact us at Epilight and we will book your free initial consultation. Call us today!

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