Thread Face Lift And Ultherapy Face Lift Without Surgery In Liverpool

Ultherapy in Liverpool Not ready to go under the knife? Have you considered a thread face lift or Ultherapy face lift without surgery in Liverpool? Everyone ages, but who said that you have to look your age? With the modern advances of technology and science, there are new and better ways to beat the unsightly wrinkles or the unwanted eye hoods. Epilight New Skin Clinics offer non-surgical solutions to this age-old problem.

If you are based in Liverpool, a thread face lift or Ultherapy face lift without surgery is available at Epilight New Skin Clinics from well-trained beauty experts. If you are wondering about how the thread face lift or Ultherapy face lift are done, then you are at the right place. A thread face lift is a technique where barbed sutures are made so as to pull on the facial tissues, tightening and smoothing. Normally this technique does not require any incisions or trimming as in surgery. Ultherapy is another non-surgical technique that uses ultrasound to reach specific areas of the face. Many people have had their chins pulled in, their cheeks tightened and the skin toned with this non-invasive treatment. Basically, Ultherapy is a perfect method for people who are reluctant to have surgeries. Not only is the method safe but it is efficient, fast and perfect for those who are looking for a painless method, both surgery-wise and pocket-wise. Ultherapy affects only the skin layer concerned when it initiates the new collagenesis cascade which will start the rejuvenation process by shrinking and firming specific areas such as the eye bags or double chins or saggy cheeks.

Epilight New Skin Clinic has been providing its excellent services including the thread face lift and Ultherapy face lift without surgery in Liverpool for a great number of years. The staff at Epilight New Skin Clinic are helpful, professional and, most importantly, certified. And they would be happy to help you should you have any specific inquiries regarding their services. If you are interested you can book a free consultation with the staff members of Epilight, give them a call on 0151 709 0099.

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