Permanent Hair Removal in Liverpool

Permanent Hair Removal in LiverpoolPermanent hair removal in Liverpool is among our top cosmetic treatments at Epilight. That’s not too surprising since for many, hair removal from places you don’t want it is a daily task. It’s not a pleasant task either. If you use an electric razor, chances are you can’t get a close enough shave to last more than a day; that’s men and women. Lathering up and using a sharp blade to scrape hair off is messy, time consuming and often leaves a rash behind on your skin. Nobody enjoys waxing. It’s painful and temporary. So, imagine the relief when this major grooming task is eliminated from your daily agenda. We mean, forever. The only risk involved is if hairy arms and legs, bushy eyebrows and facial hair move to the forefront of high style. At Epilight, our clients are willing to take the risk. 

For over two decades, we  have been bringing the newest and best medical aesthetic treatments to our clients. We undertake, in Liverpool, permanent hair removal using Soprano Ice hair removal laser treatments. There is nothing quite like it and certainly it’s the only laser hair removal system approved by the FDA. For many of our clients, if the treatment works and doesn’t hurt, they’re happy. Soprano Ice hair removal treatments work and do not hurt but there’s so much more to be happy about. There is now a new and improved Soprano Ice laser system that is even more effective on all hair types and safe on all skin tones. Our clients say it feels like a cool massage and they like that the treatment is fast but results in even coverage. 

Soprano Ice permanent hair removal in Liverpool is unlike any other hair removal system. It’s painless and there are no side effects. Our technicians are experts in the safe and effective use of Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment. Contact us and schedule your free consultation with one of our medical aestheticians. We’ll answer all your questions and provide information so you feel confident when making your decision. No more rashes and stubble. Soprano Ice leaves behind smooth, soft and clear skin for both men and women regardless of colouring. You’re only problem will be deciding what you’ll do with all that extra time. Maybe sleep later.

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