How does plasma skin tightening work?

Depending on your area of interest, you probably have a varied definition of what plasma is:

  • An expensive TV screen
  • The liquid part of blood
  • The fourth state of matter (in addition to liquid, solid, and gas)
  1. Results of plasma eyelid tightening
  2. Application of plasma pens

It’s this third version that gets used in the beauty industry. Plasma treatment has secured its position as a corrective measure for common skin challenges. These issues are often the result of loose or saggy skin, and they include things like crow’s feet, eye-bags, droopy eyelids, or a lowered belly button (due to weight loss or post-pregnancy).

Upper Eyelid Tightening & Excess Skin Removal

Ordinarily, this saggy skin is repaired through surgery. The excess pockets of fat and flabby skin are cut off and the skin is tightened by stretching and re-stitching. Plasma treatments obtain the same result by vaporising excess skin tissue, leaving your smooth, tight, and wrinkle-free. Plasma is also effective against stretch marks, acne, scarring, and smoker’s lines.

Lower Eyelid Tightening & Eye-bag Removal

No surgical sanctions needed

Unlike surgery, plasma treatments don’t involve incisions or surgical stitching, so the healing time is much faster. You’ll be fully recovered in 2 to 3 days, though you’ll have some ‘scab’ for about a week. This is because plasma applicators form tiny holes on your skin, and these holes leave a carbon crust at the point of puncture. It looks like a patterned scab … or a tribal tattoo.

As tempting as it is, don’t pick at your scabs or you’ll undo your results. At Epilight New Skin Clinic, we recommend using Oxygenetix or a similar oxygenating cream foundation. Apply it on your scab to hide it and help it heal, but otherwise, avoid touching your ‘scars’ for 5 to 7 days. Post-plasma, apart from the slightly alarming carbon dots, your skin looks tighter instantly.

This is a large advantage of this treatment. Because you can see the results right away, many patients are satisfied after a single treatment. And that’s a good thing, because while the procedure is less than half the cost of surgical correction, it’s still not cheap. On the upside, a plasma facelift is just as effective (if not more) than a scalpel-based one. It hurts less too.

Quick treatments, quicker results

Plasma treatments take about half an hour, and you’ll be fully conscious the whole time, so you (or your loved ones) don’t need to sign that dreaded surgical waiver. If you’ve watched the videos, you’re probably worried about pain – it does not look at all comfortable! Experts say the plasma pen, often described as soft surgery … ‘creates slight discomfort but no actual pain.’

That’s a bit like the dentist who gently chastises you by saying, ‘That’s not pain. What you’re feeling is pressure.’ In reality, much of the unpleasantness comes after the anaesthesia wears off. Think about it – the plasma pen ‘delivers a micro-bolt of lightning’ which simulates cell contraction, vaporising your saggy excess skin, making wrinkles and scars disappear.

Skin Tag Removal

Also, just so you don’t get shocked, the sound of the plasma pen is a bit like a welder’s torch – and it looks like a miniature version. As scary as it sounds, the procedure is entirely safe, though there’ll be swelling for a few days, and we already mentioned the ‘scabbing’. It won’t interrupt day-to-day activities, but patients may want to wear darkened sunglasses for a week or so.

Regarding ‘pain levels’, you’ll feel some heat, and yes, a little pain. Here at Epilight, we advise our clients to arrive at least thirty minutes early. We use this extra time to apply a numbing cream to your treatment area, which will drastically dim pain levels. You’ll barely feel anything at all while the anaesthetic is active, but you may feel sore, achy, and tender once it wears off.

Application of plasma pens

While the most common application of plasma pens is for non-surgical blepharoplasty, it can also be used for other applications, like no-cut facelifts. Also, plasma treatments aren’t the only non-surgical skin tightening technique. Injectibles are an option too, though we don’t use them here at Epilight. Still, let’s compare the two systems and see how they measure up.

Plasma pens (e.g. Plexr)Injectables (e.g. Juverderm, Restylane)
Uses a miniature pen to ionise surrounding gases and deliver a micro-electric charge that tightens skin by vaporising lose tissuesPlumps out saggy wrinkles by injecting your tissues with fillers that add artificial volume beneath your skin
Results last as long as traditional surgery (10 years or more) depending on your lifestyle, age, and skin condition, because you’ll still be exposed to environmental factors.Results last up to four years, but if you don’t like its effects, you can choose to inject enzymes to dissolve your fillers at any time. Dissolution takes 24 hours.
Leaves carbon crusted dots that heal in about 10 days, but you’ll need to use oxygenating cover cream for about a monthLeaves scarring and bruising which clears up in a few days and is gone within a week
Done with anaesthetic cream, but there may be some soreness after the cream wears offAnaesthesia is optional – patients who get the procedure regularly have higher pain tolerance

The Epilight solution

Our option of choice is 3rd Generation Medical Plasma, with a reduced healing time of 3 or 4 days, and the ability to customise depth of penetration, distance between plasma shots for more even spacing, and duration of application. Meaning we can do timed, continuous, or intermittent pulses, depending on location (upper lid vs lower lid), skin type, or skin thickness.

Your tailored treatment will also depend on your desires results. Our founder Linda Cunningham will walk you through a free skin consultation, then she’ll recommend the best treatment path for you, all at no cost. After she gives you her suggestions, select your chosen form of treatment. One plasma session is generally adequate, but you can get two at a discount.

To book your Plasma Eyelid Tightening session, call Epilight New Skin Clinic today on 0151 709 0099.

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