PRP Therapy in Cheshire

PRP Therapy in CheshirePRP therapy in Cheshire is a celebrity favourite skin therapy because it helps improve ageing skin resulting in fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and chest areas. As we age our bodies slow the process of cell and collagen regeneration. That means we are losing skin cells and collagen faster than we can replace them. That plump, fresh, dewy look you see on young women is due to rapid skin cell replacement and abundant collagen. Your skin is regenerating rapidly maintaining a solid lead on sloughing off dead cells. As time goes by, our skin cells lose the race for regeneration against ageing. Now, Epilight has a weapon, PRP Therapy,  that helps level the field by speeding up skin cell and collagen regeneration to bring back a youthful glow and plump up dry lines and wrinkles.

This innovative treatment is all natural and even works on telltale hands. In Cheshire, PRP Therapy lays to rest the old adage that you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands. Skillful facelifts, exercise toned bodies and hair colourist can take years off a woman’s appearance but collagen depleted hands never lie. Here is a therapy that even the richest hand creams can’t duplicate. The solution is speed up cell and collagen replacement with PRP therapy. Our technicians draw a little of your own blood then place it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. Plasma, as you may know is the source of stem cells and nutrients that help regenerate cells and collagen. That healing and regenerative plasma is then injected into your troubled skin.

PRP Therapy kick-starts your own cells to regenerate faster and slows the breakdown of collagen. That leaves your skin young looking. Greater results are often realised when two or more skin therapies are combined. Because of the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of PRP therapy, it compliments skin laser and chemical peel treatments by speeding up the healing process. Contact Epilight and schedule your consultation for skin therapy that will rejuvenate ageing skin. We may recommend PRP therapy alone or in combination with other therapies. Our professional therapist will make their recommendations for your particular skin problem; explain the process so there are no surprises; then let you know what results you may expect.

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