PRP Therapy in Liverpool

PRP Therapy in LiverpoolThere is a rising demand for PRP therapy in Liverpool. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and the treatment is a revolutionary procedure that targets wound and soft tissue healing. The treatment works by delivering proteins, stem cells, cytokines and a variety of other bioactive growth factors to an injured area. Treatments similar to PRP started in the early 90s in the dental, periodontal, and cosmetic surgery fields, and by the time the year 2000 rolled around, PRP proper was formalized as a treatment itself.

However, for many in Liverpool, PRP therapy is still a mystery. This is a huge shame, because the therapy has been shown over and over again to deliver results when treating arthritis, torn ligaments, tendonitis, herniated discs, sporting injuries, sacroiliac problems, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back and knees, and issues such as instability, loss of balance and loss of flexibility. The treatment uses the patient’s own blood platelets along with external growth factors to treat damaged tissue. This cocktail triggers collagen production, localised inflammation and other regenerative processes in the targeted area. The treatment is performed using injection procedures over the course of four weeks to six months.

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